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The ingredients read like an exotic cocktail recipe and sounds utterly delicious! So if you want an unusual scent that evokes memories of fruits and flowers, 'Born in Paradise' is it!
I love it as it is so me!

Now you don't have to be born in paradise to smell like you did! 

Fly to a TropicalParadise with ESCADA "Born in Paradise"

Born in Paradise is the captivating new 22nd limited edition fragrance from ESCADA- an intoxicating cocktail of exotic scents,the fragrance arrives just in time for hot summer days and long balmy evenings. 

Creating feelings of delight, warmth and frivolity – Born in Paradise transports you to the tropical haven of French Polynesia,evoking visions ofbright and beautiful flowers, glistening beaches, clear turquoise waters and delectably delicious tropical fruits. 

Inspired by the famous Pina Colada cocktail, the ESCADA Born in Paradise perfume delivers an enchanting blend of pineapple and coconut milk,shaken with the aqueous and acidulous notes of watermelon, green apple and guava and enhanced with woody, musky and cream like undertones. 

Exuberant in character, the fragrance instantly releases tantalisingly mouth-watering fruity scents and an infectious carefree feelingoften inspired by tropical escapes – making it the prefect summer fragrance to transport you to paradise.

Top Notes The fragrance opens with a sultry summertime dance of lush green apple and watermelon scents to excite the senses. 

Combined with sweet, punchy guava, the fragrance brims with a playful energy and zesty freshness. Heart Notes The heart envelops with a subtle coconut milk base, energised by hints of tasty pineapple,evoking memories ofa sun-kissed moment from a perfect summer holiday. 

Base Notes In the dry-down, the base offers a relaxing mix of musky and woody tonality with sandalwood, cedarwood and musk notes for velvetyand sensual warmth -adding depth to the summer tones.

 The Flacon
ESCADA Born in Paradise features the iconic bottle shape that is the hallmark of the highly coveted ESCADA summer,limited-edition fragrance.The blue green ombre flacon represents the purest depths of the ocean as the bottle shimmers with glee and the promise of an exotic escape.

The fragrance is topped with an elegant silver cap featuring a charming pink hibiscus flower that can be worn as a fashionable hair piece or ring– the perfect accessory for an adventure in paradise.

The flower accessory is in line with the spring/summer 2014 trends with bright colours, floral styling and tropical themes all set to create waves in fashion and design. 

The brightly coloured pink ESCADA flower embodies simplicity and escapism injected with a sense of fun, conjuring visions of tropical evenings under the moonlight whilst sipping away on a thirst quenching Pina Colada cocktail.

The Outer Pack It is not just the distinctive flacons that have contributed to the appeal of ESCADA’s summer limited-edition fragrances as cult collectibles, but also the cool, contemporary outer carton designs. 

The illustration on the Born in Paradise fragrance pack has been designed by New Zealand born fashion photographer and illustrator Kelly Thompson. Well-known for her striking and feminine illustration style, Kelly is rapidly developing a cult following in the international fashion and art industries. 

Drawn in the artist’s signature style, the imagedepicts the ESCADA girl with red sunset like hair gazing over her shoulder looking out into the world she has left behind. Amid the bounty of tropical fruit and exotic florals, she is wrapped with feelings of elation, liberty and tropic euphoria. 

Her expression is one of mischief as she smiles back with a quiet confidence.She looks teasingly at the onlooker, knowing what it is like to fly like a bird in Paradise and feel the oceanic warm breeze against her hair. 

Perched comfortably on her shoulder is a large parrot emblazoned with brilliant brightly coloured feathers showing a new found loyalty to its owner as they both embark across Paradise together. 

Let the journey commence…. Born in Paradise – The Line Up Eau de Toilette 100ml RM 271 Eau de Toilette 50ml RM 216 Body Lotion 150ml RM 88 

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