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 Vanessa Cruez (1st runner-up), winner Sandra Chong, Ann Soe (2nd runner-up) and VIPs
 The top 3 winners---Vanessa Cruez, Sandra Chong and Ann Soe
The Top 5 

Kee Hua Chee was one of the judges since I am an authority on female and male beauty! Other judges were Miss Malaysia Kebaya Timeless Elegant Queen Datin Joneser Choi, Miss Malaysia International 1978 Nancie Foo, Miss Malaysia Universe 2001, Miss Malaysia Kebaya Timeless Elegant Queen Datin Reiss Tiara, owner of A Cut Above Datin Winnie Loo, songbird Datin Yong Maylene and owner of Emerald Brilliant who sponsored the cheongsams. The star judge was sex goddess Leng Yein whose busty presence and svelte, Barbie-doll figure and face caused a sensation.

We judges selected 5 out of 19 finalists for the last Q & A session. The Top 5 were Sandra Chong who won, Vanessa Cruez who was 1st runner-up, Ann Soe who was 2nd runner-up, Allyson Liew who was 3rd runner-up and Caitlen Ho who came in 5th.

Sandra Chong was the crowd favourite and romped home easily as she did not fumble during the Q & A! She is 20, 169 cm, 57 kg, 35-28-36 and is a student. She was the unanimous choice by all judges though she does have a rather big face compared to 1st runner-up Vanessa Cruez. 

 The 19 finalists! Oogle and drool, guys!

 Last parade before the top 5 were announced

 The cheongsams were really outstanding!
 But first the Subsidiary awards---Miss Talent was Kee Poh Choo who shares the rare surname as the world famous Kee Hau Chee!

 Miss Talent was Kee Poh Choo
 Miss Friendship was Allyson Liew

 Miss Friendship was Allyson Liew
 Miss Photogenic was Vanessa Cruez
 Miss Photogenic was Vanessa Cruez
 Miss Body Beautiful was Allyson Liew...again!

 Miss Body Beautiful was Allyson Liew
 Miss Catwalk was Sandra Chong
 Miss Catwalk was Sandra Chong
 Miss Elegance was also Sandra Chong who of course went on to win the main title of Miss Malaysia Cheongsam!

 Miss Elegance was Sandra Chong
 Miss Popular was Allyson Liew again!

 Miss Popular was Allyson Liew
 Miss Appearance was Julia Farhana Marin

 Miss Appearance was Julia Marin
 These are the Top 5!
 Ann Soe, Vanessa Cruez, Sandra Chong, Allyson Liew and Caitlen Ho
 The best of the best
 Fab five!
 And now the tie-breaking Q & A!
 All eyes and ears were on them!
 Yoyo from mainland China and Jason Hee
 Datin Yong crowns 4th runner-up Caitlen Ho
 4 to go!
 Allyson Ho was crowned by Yoyo from China
 3 to go!
 Ann Soe was 2nd runner-up
 2 to go!
 It was a toss-up between Vanessa Cruez and Sandra Chong!
 Nice legs!
 The suspense!
 The crown goes to Sandra Chong!
 These did not win
 Vanessa Cruez smiles despite losing
 Jean crowns the 1st runner-up
 Here you go
 Vanessa Cruez was 1st runner-up
 The new Miss Malaysia Cheongsam 2014!
 No back stabbing here!
 By coincidence all 3 winners wore black!
 3 winners
 Lovely ladies!
 1st runner-up, winner, 2nd runner-up
 Vanessa Cruez, Sandra Chong and Ann Soe
 Tall and elegant!
 Vanessa catches 40 winks
 Victory wave
 We won!

Datin Yong, Datin Winnie Loo and Leng Yein join the Top 3 winners 
 6 beauties
 VIPs join in
 Kee Hua Chee shines
Winners all in one way or another!

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