Saturday, February 8, 2014




For the wearer of the Tonda Métrographe, a new day has begun. The skyscrapers tower majestically above his head, lining his route to work. Having negotiated two of the centre’s most chaotic pedestrian crossings, he raises his head and not ices that the buildings have taken on a different aspect thanks to the new angle from which he observes them. And they are not the only thing that changes depending on the angle, he reflects, remembering with amusement that his watch, the Tonda Métrographe, can also be seen differently from two angles.

 Its left-hand profile is its conventional side: two iconic, teardrop- shaped lugs extend the end of the steel case, optimizing its ergonomics. By contrast, its right-hand profile, nest led against his wrist, reveals its extravagant side: the two teardrops form a streamlined, fluid wave which almost entirely envelops the case, hugging the crown tightly.

 A subtly asymmetrical watch, he thinks with satisfaction, and indeed it takes a keen eye to discern this exquisite imbalance, this little touch of instability, in its fine lines. “A magic that escapes many”, he muses, wondering whether he might be the only person among the crowd that morning to have noticed that the skyscrapers appear different as they get closer with each step.

Perhaps… but his descent into the subway shakes him from his daydream, reminding him that he should fall in with the crowd i f he doesn’t want to trip on the stairs. As the t rain doors close, he starts the chronograph on his Tonda. This he does for amusement, for he has taken this journey so often he knows every second of it by heart. But a journey timed by the push of a button is always unique – otherwise it’s just another, banal journey.

 As the second meeting of his day begins, he realizes he has forgotten to stop his chronograph. He presses the lower push-but ton, freezing time: three hours, twenty seven minutes and thirty five seconds, displayed with a startling clarity on three counters. I f this had al l been a journey on the subway, he would now be well beyond the city limits and out in the countryside.

 By contrast, here he is, in a neat side room on the first floor of an immense skyscraper. A tiny dot on the fresco. The thought makes his head spin. His finger hovers over the upper push-button, as if he would lose this measured portion of h s day forever if he were to reset it. As the chronograph windows await his decision, he not ices that the minute and hour counters, which are indicated by a coloured circle, form a slanted figure 8 on the dial. A symbol of eternity. Reassured, he presses the button, which returns him to zero.

These exquisite timepieces retails from RM45,800 – RM48,200. The Hour Glass is the proud exclusive distributor of Parmigiani Fleurier and the strategic partnership has stretched across South East Asia and the South Pacific, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia. 

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