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Every year when I return to Kota Baru which is sacred as I was born there, I visit as many Buddhist temples as I can with James Ng Kun Tek. This is the Shrine of Kuanyin of the Southern Seas. Kuan Yin is associated as the Goddess of the South Seas so the location is incredibly suitable.

This temple which is actually a residential house occupied by the resident caretaker of the giant statue of Kuan Yin is located maybe just 50 metres from the sea! A quick walk and I am there by the beach! The erosion is terrible and I fear for the future!

James Ng Kun Tek and I arrived around 5.30 pm which meant the lighting was at its worse as the sun was setting BEHIND the statue of Kuanyin and not in the horizon beyond the sea as expected! So I was taking photos against the setting sun which was behind Kuan Yin! So don't blame me for strangely hued photos!

The statue was inaugurated on the auspicious day of 23 February 2007 and is well known though it was deserted of visitors when I was there.

In this temple, Kuan Yin  is depicted with her 2 acolytes, a boy and girl both facing and worshipping her. One is Jade Girl or Dragon Girl or Longnu. The boy is Sudana or Golden Youth. If only I can be an acolyte and join them and worship the Goddess of Mercy for eternity!

3 dogs came running out to greet Ng Kun Tek whose name Kuan Yin says will prosper mega big
Did Ng Kun Tek say something rude until Kuan Yin instructed the dog to shut his mouth by closing it with its paw?
The second dog kisses Ng Kun Tek! When animals like you, then you are OK in the eyes of Gods and Goddesses and Ng Kun Tek has passed the test! Congratulations!
A last kiss from Dedione. To me, all dogs are named Dedione after my darling adopted son Dedione Kee
This is Kuan Yin of the  Southern Sea! Incredible sight in such an obscure place as Balai! Not Bali!
2 dogs came to worship me
My Goddess of Mercy.
Here Kuan Yin rides a dragon

Kuan Yin is also shown seated on an elephant
Or fish
Or the Hou which is a Buddhist lion. See Ng Kun Tek praying to the Goddess of Mercy
But a dragon is the most popular and imposing
Ng Kun Tek praying to Kuan Yin of the Southern Sea
The clouds are amazing
The Jade Maiden or Dragon Girl below Kuan Yin riding a golden dragon atop a lotus
Kuan Yin means 'Loyus Born'
I was on my knee taking this photo
Exposed to the elements Kuan Yin and her 2 acolytes remain strong and serene
Utterly breathtaking
This is in Kampomg Balai in Bachok district in Kelantan
Difficult lighting condition as the sun was setting behind Kuan Yin
Coconut trees give an exotic, unusual ambiance
Open to the sky and sea
So grand
I love Kuan Yin
From the side as Kuan Yin faces the South China Sea off the coast of Kelantan
Dramatic sky
Endless sky
Limitless vista
Endless panorama
Endless sky
Eternal sky
Dramatic clouds
Kuan Yin riding a golden dragon
Fairest of the fair
Golden Youth or Sudana
Sudana or Golden Youth is the male acolyte
Golden Youth and Kuan Yin
So awesome
 Dragon Girl or Jade Maiden wit Kuan Yin

 Ng Kun Tek and Kuan Yin
 Ng Kun Tek and Kuan Yin
 Kee Hua Chee is a devotee
 Kee Hua Chee hopes when he dies he can be an acolyte of Kuan Yin
 View of Kuan Yin in the garden
 This is the house of Kuan Yin'a caretaker
 Ng Kun Tek and dragon
 I love the dragon pillars
 Kuan Yin and setting sun

View from the beach
 Kee Hua Chee
 Kee Hua Chee and Kuan Yin
 Kee Hua Chee and Kuan Yin
 Flag and Kuan Yin
 Flag and Kuan Yin
 Kuan Yin of the Southern Sea
Kuan Yin of the Southern Sea

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