Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Korloff boutique is located at Suria KLCC on ground floor in Kuala Lumpur and was founded by Daniel Paillasseur in Paris in 1948. I am rather impressed by Korloff's watches which are very ingeniously designed and strikingly good looking and quite innovative! And not outrageously priced either.

Princess Dr Becky Leogardo and Angie Kok who looks like Amee Philips but her son Richard Latsch Philips insists it is not so and his mum has bigger boobs! The darling son so supportive! 
Princess Dr Becky Leogardo and Angie Kok
Mr and Mrs Chong
Guest, Datin Reese Tiara and Soo Ling
Sexy 3some
Starting young
Never too early to buy diamonds
Hot blonde
Sexy blonde
Showing potential buyer
Korloff's supporters
Me and my diamonds
Datin Yong May Lene and Kee Hua Chee
Kee Hua Chee and his harem
Kee Hua Chee is adored by his harem
Handsome, young and rich Richard Latsch Philips joins in
Still at it
Joy the artist sketching Kee Hua Chee
Joy the caricature artist was a huge hit as he drew portraits of high society ladies
I am keeping my hair till this length
Kee Hua Chee is facing the wrong side but never mind
Kee Hua Chee and Joy
Joy and Kee Hua Chee and Kee Hua Chee
This portrait is Joy's masterpiece and he can die happy now that he was painted Kee Hua Chee's face
Anne and Richard Latsch Philips
Richard Latsch Philips gets his portrait done by Joy
Keep smiling!
Joy working on Richard Latsch Philips who is voted Most Handsome Jeweller in observable universe by the industry
Richard Latsch Philips forming
Kee Hua Chee's bling outshone Korloff's
Hot quartert
Kee Hua Chee shows off his Audemars Piguet solid gold and diamond Royal Oak that cost RM 152,000
Kee Hua Chee surrounded by sex goddesses
Kee Hua Chee continues to outshine the sun even
Angie Kok and Kee Hua Chee
Angie Kok and Kee Hua Chee are hot
Datin Reese Tiara and Kee Hua Chee
Datin Reese Tiara and Kee Hua Chee
Richard Latsch Philips towers over the ladies
Richard Latsch Philips moves to the right
Kee Hua Chee to the left
 Richard Latsch Philips the Handsome Jeweller

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