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It was like a festival of big bling and cool couture as 2 of Pavilion's most famous, successful and richest tenants joined forces to produce a superb show featuring jewels and watches by Elegance Club Watch owned by 2 lovely Datos---Datuk Tracy Ong and Datuk Angela Ngoo though Elegance Club Jewellery is owned by Datuk Tracy Ong.

Dato Angela Ngoo is known for her skincare brand Oriks which is available at Pavilion on Level 4 as well as City Mall, Make Up Mall in Kepong, Parkson at 1Utama, Parkson Sunway Pyramid, Parkson Nu Sentral and Parkson 1st Avenue Penang. Her Oriks Prestige Onsen Steam Cream is a best-seller as it is so effective and efficacious! Truly worth the rather pricey RM 438.

Also get Oriks Multi-Energy Repairing Eye Cream (RM 218) and Oriks Snow Melting Essence (RM 218 also) for maximum benefits.

Elegance Club, long acclaimed for fine jewels since 1991, has just launched its much anticipated watches, all studded with diamonds and precious stones. 

The jewels that I like all cost a few million ringgit but Elegance Club's matching watches are much more affordable---RM 20,000 to RM 100,000! A similar watch carrying the name 'Cartier' or 'Bvlgari' will cost 5 to 10 times more and you end up just paying for the name! At Elegance Club, you pay for the actual diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones as all the watches are quartz for easy, no-maintenance!

The best menswear tailor in Malaysia is Lord's Tailor, on the 6th floor of Pavilion and also at Bangsar Shopping Centre and Ampwalk. Robert Loh made a suit for Muhammad Ali the boxer and counts former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed one of his loyal clients. Indeed, Lord's Tailor has been making suits and shirts for Tun for the past 28 years!

New clients include Datuk Professor Jimmy Choo the world's greatest show designer and Datuk Lee Chong Wei the world's greatest badminton player and Kee Hua Chee the universe's greatest writer who is second only to God in writing skills. 

Today Robert Loh's handsome son Kenny Loh is MD and creative director and has elevated Lord's Tailor to even higher levels!

Owners of Elegance Club Watches at Pavilion Dato Angela Ngoo and Datuk Tracy Ong
Dato Angela Ngoo and Datuk Tracy Ong
Jasmine Q Haidar
Jasmine Q Haidar
Kee Hua Chee and Jasmine Q Haidar. Kee Hua Chee is carrying gorgeous messenger bag by Brooks of England available in Malaysia only at Lord's Tailor@Pavilion
Kee Hua Chee and JAsmine Q Haidar
Matthew Choong and Jasmine Haidar
Matthew Choong and Jasmine
Loh Lee Lee and hubby Robert Loh, founder of Lord's Tailor
Looking great; Lily Loh Lee Lee and Robert Loh of Lord's Tailor, the best menswear tailor in Malaysia
Vivian, Lily Loh, veteran actress Lai Meng, Dato Dr SK Tham, Matthew Choong and Jimmy Lim Choon Huat
Looking good
Kee Hua Chee joins in
Kee Hua Chee outshone everyone
Andy Chow, Alvin Loh and Dato Angela Ngoo join in
Ever expanding party
Vivian, Lai Meng and Datuk Dr SK Tham of Celebre Pro Medic
Vivian, Lai Meng and Datuk Dr SK Tham
Kee Hua Chee and Dato Angela Ngoo with Oriks products
Kee Hua Chee with Oriks Snow Melting Essence and Multi-Energy Eye Cream while Dato Angela Ngoo holds her fabulous Oriks Prestige Steam Cream. Dato Angela Ngoo owns the brand
Dato Angela Ngoo's youthful looks is the best advertisement for Oriks
Jenny Loh, wife of Kenny Loh of Lord's Tailor and her kids Sarah Joy and Sean Jasper. The white girl is not hers as she never slept with a mat salleh or anyone else after marrying Kenny Loh. In fact, Jenny was a virgin on her wedding night
Jenny Loh loves kids and runs Steps Ahead for kids but I prefer puppies
Lily Loh holds her grand daughter
Kee Hua Chee and 2 curious Japanese customers who wanted to check him out and Dato Ramesh Ranai
Kee Hua Chee, 2 Japanese clients of ELegance Club and Dato Ramesh Ranai, director of sales of Elegance Club
Jasmine and Q Haidar her hubby who never suffers from bad hair day anymore
Jasmine and Q Haidar
Kee Hua Chee and Jasmine with long locks and Q Haidar with no locks
Florence, Crystal Lee the famous child actress and singer and Paul
Such a darling 
Crystal Lee and Matthew Choong
Crystal Lee and Matthew Choong
Crystal Lee and Matthew Choong
They are actually same height
Kee Hua Chee and Caroline Ang with Cagen Tan and friend
Cagen Tan of Business Media International is his real name
Dato Angela Ngoo and Crystal Lee with her Elegance Club watch
Elegance Club gave Crystal Lee the watch for her birthday present while I did not even get a card
Dato Angela Ngoo, Crystal Lee the winner of Shanghai Film Festival 2013 for Best Actress and Dato Tracy Ong
Lily Loh of Lord's Tailor joins in
Fab quartet
Kenny Loh the MD of Lord's Tailor looking like a lord
Kenny Loh is as tall and dishy as any male model
Lord's Tailor is in good hands under Kenny Loh
Lily Loh, Amanda Imani and Jenny Loh
Lily Loh, Amanda Imani in Lord's Tailor and Jenny Loh
Kee Hua Chee has ordered a jacket, pants and shirt in this fabric
Everyone agreed Kee Hua Chee would look better in Amanda Imani's pants
Daniel and Vicki Loh but they are still unmarried! After 4 years of dating, only Buddha and Jesus know why they are still unmarried
Singer Amanda Imani with Dr KK Johan of Brand Laureate
Olivia Loh of Lord's Tailor, Crystal Lee and Paul
Mrs Universe 2013/14 Carol Lee and Datuk Tracy Ong
Both have big boobs
Kee Hua Chee is shorter than Mrs Universe Carol Lee
But he is more beautiful than Carol Lee
Matthew Choong is also shorter than Mrs Universe 2013/14 Carol Lee
Matthew Choong and Carol Lee
Maurice Lim of Pavilion and friend
Maurice Lim should be a model
Amanda Imani and Datuk Tracy Ong showing their Elegance Club watches
Carol Lee, Danielle, Sophia, Kee Hua Chee and Matthew Choong
Olivia Loh of Lord's Tailor makes welcome speech
Luckily Olivia Loh wore a skirt as all we saw was her upper torso and face floating around as her skirt matched the decor
Luckily Amanda Imani's attire did not match the surroundings
Amanda Imani wore Lord's Tailor which also has a women's range
Amanda Imani in Lord's Tailor
Amanda Imani

Hot girl

There is the Lord's Tailor signage
Amanda Imani
Lights got in the way
Hands up who loves Amanda Imani
Fashion show by Lord's Tailor, the best in Malaysia
Watch by Elegance Club

Aya's garments by Lord's Tailor and watch by Elegance Club

Lord's Tailor also does women

Multi-million ringgit diamonds by Datuk Tracy Ong of Elegance Club and couture by Carven Ong

Grand finale!

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