Monday, May 12, 2014


After launching Breakout at Avenue K last Saturday, Amber Chia decided to play one of the 4 reality escape games. But it was easier said than done!

Amber Chia was alone and 2 persons are the minimum required to play one of the 4 Breakout games. So Cheah Ka Wai and Johnny Ong had to help and reveal how the game unfolded. The maximum time is 45 minutes so 6 brains are better than 2!

Since I am not the sort to reveal the salacious details and spoil the fun, I am not mentioning which game Amber Chia was trying her hand at! After all, I am treating her like eye candy since she is so photogenic and pretty and sexy and I was trying to photograph her cleavage for your sexual gratification.

Even if you happen to choose the same room as Amber Chia, you still will not know the sequence or what is happening!

All phones are forbidden as photography is not allowed so your phones will be safely locked inside a locker. Each Breakouter is given a red torch as the interior is dim and mysterious.

I must say the game is very sneaky, fiendishly fun and devilishly difficult. You need to use your grey matter to find your way out of the room but don't worry, if you fail miserably you will be let out after 45 minutes unless all of you surrender then you can call the staff with a walkie talkie phone.

What's this?
When in doubt, pose like a supermodel
This can double as wall decor
Amber Chia consults Cheah Ka Wai
No more captions!

This I believe is Cheah Ka Wai

“BREAKOUT” Offers Extraordinary Real Life Escape
Games at Avenue K

BREAKOUT introduces movie experiences and role playing into unique, real life escape games.

Break out from the ordinary with BREAKOUT, the new fun experience!

BREAKOUT is bringing a brand new experience to fans of real life escape games. BREAKOUT will offer the first escape games with role playing and story lines which will allow you to enjoy an unforgettable and captivating experience. BREAKOUT goes beyond the usual concept of players being merely locked in a dark room and needing to find their way out with some clues. Here you will be immersed in a surreal ambiance similar to being part of an on-going scene from a movie!

BREAKOUT consists of 4 differently themed rooms with a maximum of 6 players per room who have to complete the objective of the games based on the storyline within 45 minutes. This will give players like-in-the-movie experiences. Each game has different characters with special abilities assumed by each player to help their teams strategize their gameplay to breakout from the room within 45 minutes.

A minimum of 2 players are required and the price per entry is RM 38 per person. There are currently 4 rooms offered with different themes ---THE GREATEST MURDER OF WESTWOOD, MR OSWALD’S GREATEST SHOW, CHAMBER OF HOCUS and THE INFINITY.

Choose from one of these thrilling escape games!

A body is found severely burnt in bath tub. Weird symbols suggest this was a murder and not accident. You and your friends are the detectives to solve this baffling crime!

Mr. Oswald is a famous marionette brought to life by mysterious puppeteer who has piqued everyone’s curiosity. Tonight, in what is billed as ‘Mr Oswald’s Greatest Show’, the puppeteer will reveal his true identity! But all is not what it seems!

Mr Hocus, a notorious swindler has stolen millions from the rich to give the poor. At the scene of each crime is a playing card---“Hocus Pocus, who is the Hocus?” You have to unravel his identity! Is he a modern Robin Hood or just a hood?

A square room is divided into infinite ones. Just try to find your way out---sounds simple but this devious and fiendishly fun escape game requires you to use your grey cells to the max!

For room reservation, call:       +603 21811835
Online booking:              

BREAKOUT is owned by Superdough Sdn Bhd which is formed by 5 young, talented and dynamic individuals passionate about creating new and inspiring experience to the community. Superdough is an ideological company encapsulating the art of imagination and science of engineering into one entity.  There is no idea too big nor obstacles too insurmountable. As their very name suggests, ‘Superdough’ is like a fine flour that can be molded to any shape or size to precisely fit current market needs or more importantly, create new exciting lifestyle experiences and market demands where none exists before.

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