Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Our previous Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed orders his business suits and nehru jackets from Lord's Tailor and has been doing so for the past 27 years! Tun Dr Mahathir even attended his birthday party hosted by Robert and Lily Loh, the husband and wife team who founded Lord's Tailor at Le Meridien ballroom and Datuk Sharukh Khan was the guest of honour!

Last Tuesday, Lord's Tailor revealed their Summer 2014 collection to an astonished audience fascinated by Lord's Tailor new choice of fabrics and colours!

Moving with the current trends, for the first time in its history, Kenny Loh the creative director of Lord's Tailor and who also conveniently  happens to be founder Robert Loh's son, produced floral pants for men! 

It was an unexpected twist but everyone in the audience loved it and applauded rapturously. Flower-patterned shirts and pants for women are a dime a dozen but for men, it was certainly revolutionary for Lord's Tailor famous for business suits and elegant menswear from tuxedo to smart casuals.

Diehard fans need not worry---Lord's Tailor's bread and butter continue to be their mainstays while the floral creations for men and also ladies are seasonal trends.

Lord's Tailor also carries an exclusive range of men's leather bags from London called Brooks, available exclusively at Lord's Tailor at Pavilion KL on the 6th floor. Lord's Tailor also has branches in Bangsar Shopping Centre and AmpWalk in Jalan Ampang.

 Fashion show by Lord's Tailor

 Watches set with real diamonds and coloured gems are by Elegance Club located on the 3rd floor of Pavilion KL

 Look at his floral pants! I love it! Exactly my highclass taste!

 Model Matthew Choong did not model that day

 Matthew Choong the actor and model

 Creative director of Lord's Tailor  Kenny Loh takes a bow. Congratulations on a great show! Kenny Loh looks like a model himself or Hong Kong actor!
 Dato Tracy Ong and Dato Angela Ngoo of Elegance Club Jewels & Watches join Kenny Loh of Lord's Tailor
 Datuk Lee Chong Wei dressed in Lord's Tailor smart casual gear joins them in stage
 Datuk Tracy Ong presents a watch to the best badminton player in the world!
 Datuk Lee Chong Wei receiving his watch from Datuk Tracy Ong

Khairul from Elegance Club fastens Datuk Lee Chong Wei's new watch from Elegance Club 

 Dato Angela Ngoo (in blue shirt), Datuk Lee Chong Wei and Datuk Tracy Ong

 One for the album!

Datuk Lee Chong Wei and Matthew Choong 
 Datuk Lee Chong Wei and Matthew Choong
 Datuk Lee Chong Wei showing his new watch from Elegance Club
 Datuk Lee Chong Wei accepts congratulations from Best Supporting Actress 2013 Normah Damanhuri

 Datuk Lee Chong Wei loves his new Elegant Club skeleton watch
 Datuk Lee Chong Wei, Dato Vincent Lim and Dato Angela Ngoo

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