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The grand entrance by Princess Dr Becky Leogardo was absolutely amazing, mesmerising and spectacular that drew gasps of astonishment  from her 180 or so guests.

Once the guests were seated, emcee Kee Hua Chee announced Princess Dr Becky Leogardo would enter the Shangri-La ballroom with her entourage consisting of her husband, children, sister, friends and VIPs who would enter first with her last.

This was expected.

What was not expected was the way the birthday girl entered---carried on a sedan chair by nearly nude, hunky, sexy and brawny men! All 4 of them which explained why they were hanging around the ballroom foyer earlier and why they were in the changing room shirtless with only purple sarongs wrapped around their groin! 

Guests stood to clap and take photos of the stunning grand entrance as Princess Dr Becky Leogardo smiled and waved at her adoring subjects so to speak.

BTW, each photo appears twice; the first is the lighter, brighter version while the second is the original. So you get 2 for the price of 1...

 Gloria, Daniel and Raphael Mantz and Shiloh Tan Sri Othman and family members, friends and VIPs are ready to enter the ballroom ahead of the birthday girl

 Leading the entourage were the hot sizzlers from Fancy Ika Dancers
 They were too delicate to  carry anything heavier than wig, dress and make-up kit
 Shirley Lenz and Achim Von Hakke and Cliff Fournier

 Here is the Birthday Girl----carried in by 4 handsome, hot, sexy, near naked men! Everyone roared and clapped with approval and a trend is set!
 From now on, every birthday girl must be carried into the room or party venue like this!
 Princess Dr Becky Leogardo waves to her guests and adoring subjects like me
 Bodyguard Ram carries the royal umbrella presented to Princess Becky by the Sultans of Southern Philippines of Lanao del Sur and Lanao del Norte
 The royal umbrella is part of the insignia and regalia of the Muslim Sultanate of Lanao del Sur and Lanao del Norte who conferred the title to Princess Becky Leogardo
 Look at his bulging biceps and ditto from his other body parts
 Princess Dr Becky Leogardo waves at Datuk Tracy Ong
 I offered to be one of the 4 carriers but was rejected by Princess Dr Becky Leogardo for unknown reasons
 Daniel and papa follows mama
 This is the way to enter a room
 Princess Dr Becky Leogardo must have been photographed a million times during her entrance
 Take me to the moon, she ordered
 Splendid procession
 The theme was purple with a touch of white
 Princess Becky Leogardo arrives at her table safe, sound and in one piece
 The muscle men wiith bulging biceps and terrific triceps made many women and a few men swoon from ecstasy
 It's raining men!
 The mercury burst from all thermometers
 This guy is the hunkiest and sexiest
 Many were drooling!
 They were drooling over the first show by Ika Fancy dancers too! Reminds me of the Sun King at Versailles!

 Gloria, Raphael, Daniel Mantz and Shiloh Tan Sri Othman enjoyed the best seats in the house!

 Daniel and Raphael Mantz

 Gloria Mantz getting ready for her act!

This is a wig but since Gloria is Eurasian, she looks perfectly natural!
Glorious Gloria!

The darling
With lace glove
Gloria is the prettiest and most talented 3 year old girl in universe as confirmed by Jesus Christ and Buddha in visions revealed to Kee Hua Chee who has direct access to Them
Such a darling, like Dedione my son
Cool as cucumber

Proud mama stands close to hear Gloria sing Let It Go from the movie Frozen!

Look at Gloria in action
The best ever 3 year old performer
Princess Becky Leogardo was ecstatic as everyone cheered and clapped as they should

Proud father Michael and Daniel and Raphael also took front seats

Gloria let go her shawl while singing Let It Go!

Datin Joneser who trained Gloria took photos

Gloria also discarded her lace glove! So dramatic! The darling angel!

Bravo, Gloria!
Next was a chacha dance show by all Mantz  kids and Shiloh Tan Sri Othman!
Every guest was amazed and impressed!
Proud mama led the way in applause

Fantastic show by such young children!

Guests were busy snapping away

Speech by United Nations Ambassador HE Jose Brilliantes who was once the Philippines ambassador to Malaysia in the 1990s

The Main Table listening to UN Ambassador speech

Princess Becky is so pleased and happy

Welcome speech by Princess Dr Becky Leogardo who held 4 pages of speech!

Originally she wanted a 20-page long speech with 1 page for 1 year in Malaysia
But I advised her there would be a revolution
She reduced to 4 pages and ordered the doors locked so no one could escape

No such thing as a free meal---all  had to listen to her speech

Daniel fled the stage

Michael Mantz came to the rescue just in case
The 1st page; Good evening everyone. 2nd page; Thanks for coming. 3rd page; Hope you enjoy the evening. 4th page; See you next year!
The speech was over within seconds! 

Dr Chit Magtal, sister of Princess Dr Becky Leogardo

Guests enjoying the fine cuisine of Shangri-La

Kids fooling around as they are wont to

Shiloh and Daniel

I am  not sure if they were dancing or fighting

Daniel is a natural model! He is 6 and I am his manager

Mr and Mrs Chan

Lim Siew Cheng, Mrs Asia Pacific Datin Joneser Choi and Princess Dr Becky Leogardo

3 beauty queens!
4 beauties
The best of the best
Dazzling, shining stars
Super stars
Raphael bullying his big brother

Raphael is very strong though he is 3 years younger than Daniel

Rozita Shuib and Datin Seri Irene Mah

A toast to the birthday celebrant from hubby!
He gave her an angow of 10,500 euros! Wow! She loves her birthday present for sure! 
Michael Mantz toasts Princess Becky Leogardo!
Many happy returns!
Datuk Tracy Ong, Puan Sri Puteri Rosmawinnie and Datin Yong Maylene

The fun dance Changing Partners!

Every couple had to change partners at any time 

The song was played twice

Dato Choi and Datin Joneser Choi

Perfect couple!
Daniel joins in

Fun fun fun

Mr and Mrs Yang

Kimberly Yang won the second Grand Prize which I wanted!
Raphael and Gloria Mantz
The darling angels

Sweet as sugar!

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