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Everyone enjoys parties (not just birthdays) hosted by Princess Dr Becky Laogardo---she loves giving away lovely gifts!

Many may recall how she used to literally throw cash from her indoor balcony or staircase. Or she would roll RM  100, RM 50, RM 20, RM 10 and RM 1 and throw them up in the air for her guests to catch. At her Christmas parties, she and hubby would ask everyone to sit at their tables and they would go to each table and throw cash onto the table! Those were the days but the rowdiness and struggling among guests made her stop this Filipino tradition.

Now we make do with just pressies with no cash!

Unlike most birthday celebrants who receive presents from guests, Princess Dr Becky Leogardo also gives presents in the form of door gifts so EVERY guest gets something nice. Then there are the prizes for Best Dressed Men, Best Dressed Women, Best Dressed Couples, Best Dressed Children (at her kids' birthdays), lucky draws and Grand Lucky Draws!

The Grand Prizes are truly amazing and valuable as they are normally jewellery! This time the third prize was an earring and ring set with coloured diamonds. The second prize which I wanted to win so much was a ring with 3 dangling Peacock coloured South Sea pearls with diamonds and the top prize was a red coral and diamond pendant. I think the prizes were worth RM 10,000, RM 15,000 and RM 20,000! 

Each guest picked a lucky number. As I was emcee, they bypassed me so I went to Dr Chit Magtal to get mine and she gave me ticket # 180! Dr Chit brought me small luck as I won a normal lucky draw prize worth RM 350 so right from the start I was out of running for the top 3 Grand Prizes! And I so wanted the ring!

All photos appear twice; the first has been lightened and brightened and second is orignal, so you get 2 for the price of 1 and I know readers like to look at the same sexy pictures twice! After all, you can never get too much of a good thing! 

 Monica Gregory and Cliff Fournier strutting their stuff on stage! Every couple got a bouquet of flowers and there were no winners as every couple was too wonderful for words and gifts!

 Jennifer Ong and Nick Choi
 Nick Choi walked into the blinking lights!
 Jennifer Ong and Nick Choi

 Hasbullah and Lim Siew Cheng at left

 Nick Choi escorting Jennifer Ong down
 Zeny Ladores and hubby

 Isabellita Figgins and Jeremy Figgins

 Looking gorgeous!

 Datin Joneser Choi who is Mrs Asia Pacific 2014 and Hong Hua

 They were the tallest couple

 Datin Joneser and Hong Hua

 Kaye and UN Ambassador Jose Brilliantes

 The ultimate couple!

 Princess Dr Becky Leogardo and Michael Mantz and Daniel, Gloria and Raphael Mantz

 They now go for a walk to greet their guests!

 Michael Mantz poses for the audience!

 He removes his jacket to applause

 Princess Becky returns

 On stage

 With the sporting couples dressed to thrill
 Daniel presents bouquet to Birthday Girl

 Jeremy and Isabellita Figgins were among winners of Best Dressed Couple

 Dato Choi also won  Best Dressed Man

 Michael Mantz, Princess Becky Leogardo and Dato Choi, Best Dressed Man!
 Kee Hua Chee won Best Dressed Emcee
 Said Princess Dr Becky Leogardo, "Kee Hua Chee happens to be the only emcee so he wins by default!"
 Lucky Kee Hua Chee got a diamond watch worth RM 25,000!
 Said the hostess with mostest, "You can get a similar diamond watch at Elegance Club run by Dato Tracy Ong at their new store on 3rd floor at Pavilion!"
 Said lucky recipient Kee Hua Chee, "I deserve it as even my underwear is purple!"
 "My dream watch!"
 Kee Hua Chee rushing off with his diamond watch from Elegance Club in case Princess Becky Leogardo changes her mind
 That is also Kee Hua Chee's face on his lan chiau area
 A Best Dressed winner

 Dato Nancy Yeoh also won Best Dressed Lady award
 Dato Nancy Yeoh's purple gown given by Tengku Meriam the daughter of Sultan of Pahang
 Datin Yong Maylene also won Best Dressed

 Dato Wenddi-Ann Chong also Best Dressed as she should with her RM 15,000 fox fur and designer gown

 Dato Wenddi-Ann Chong smiling for my Leica given by HRH Sultanah Kalsom of Pahang

 Datin Joneser Choi won Best Dressed Lady

 Isabellita Figgins won Best Dressed Lady also

 Kaye who changed from white/purple gown to orange for fashion show also won Best Dressed Lady

 Mrs Universe 2013/14 Carol Lee also won Best Dressed Lady

 Lim Siew Cheng also won Best Dressed Lady

 Shirley Lenz, spouse of Swiss ambassador won Best Dressed also

 Alice Choon of Poh Kong Jewellers also won Best Dressed

 Monica Gregory also won Best Dressed

 Dr Chit Magtal also won Best Dressed

 She won 3rd Grand Draw prize picked by former Italian ambassador HE Folco de Gabrielli

 I cannot believe Kimberly Yang won second Grand Draw prize of South Sea pearls and diamond ring which I wanted!

 Meredro Double the singer won the first Grand Lucky Draw prize of red coral and diamond pendant worth RM 20,000!

 Dato Nancy Yeoh with Chan and wife
 Chan used to work for the PR Queen! No wonder Chan is so  good as Dato Nancy Yeoh trained him!
 Raphael Mantz with Hasbullah the chauffeur of Princess Dr Becky Leogardo

 Raphael Mantz and Hasbullah

 Raphael is the youngest child of Princess Becky Leogardo

 Kee Hua Chee is the only child as Buddha and Jesus stopped his parents from having any more kids as they already got the best of the best of the best in this kalpa
 Kee Hua Chee in full purple glory
 Kaye, UN Ambassador Jose Brilliantes, Princess Becky in her final change of dress from Escada and Isabellita Figgins
 Princess Dr Becky Leogardo bought this couture gown for RM 24,000 from Escada in Paris when they launched the perfume Sentiment
 But during the launch the model could not wear the specially made gown as Princess Becky had already bought it!
 There was a commotion at the international launch of Sentiment perfume by Escada as the model could not wear the couture gown that appeared in advertisements as Princess Becky Leogardo had bought it days earlier!
 Escada was not supposed to sell the gown until the Sentiment perfume launch was over but by mistake, they sold it to Princess Dr Becky Leogardo---I love it
 Kaye, Jose Brilliantes, Princess Becky Leogardo in Escada couture, Isabellita Figgins and Dato Joneser Choi who sponsored the cute containers for all guests
 Princess Dr Becky Leogardo and Datin Joneser Choi

 2 beauty queens
Princess Dr Becky Leogardo is Mrs Malaysia Community Ambassador 2014 and Datin Joneser Choi is Mrs Asia Pacific 2014

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