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Keen to discover who is the next Maggie Loo or Ling or Amber Chia?

Now you can!

Chakri Palace Thai Restaurant has joined forces with Malaysia's most famous and fabulous supermodel Maggie Loo who was already ruling the catwalk and grooming a dozen Miss Malaysia Universe and Miss Malaysia World when Ling and Amber were toddlers in swaddling clothes.

As you may know, Maggie Loo is Miss Malaysia Universe 1974 but she looks not  a day older than 35! Only proves she practises what she preaches!

Maggie Loo is nationally famous as beauty queen, queenmaker, mentor, groomer and talent spotter! 

Known for authentic fine Thai cuisine, Chakri Palace at Pavilion KL has now joined forces with Maggie Loo Models and Beauties Academy to present a weekly afternoon fashion show.

Princess Becky and I attended Maggie Loo's inaugural show yesterday but those who missed it, fret not. The other Chakri Palace/Maggie Loo afternoon tea fashion shows are 3 and 10 May and 7 June and 14 June. Mark these dates in your computer!

I was very impressed by Maggie Loo's new crop of models, especially Yen Quek who towered over me at 191 cm in her stockinged feet! But others are more manageable, from 157 cm (Lian Shueh Yi) to 161 cm (Alicia Lee) to 176 cm (Kung Xin Li).

Said the indefatigable Maggie Loo, 'My academy caters to everyone of every height. Of course you need to be 177 cm to be a great catwalk model but these days, designers make clothes for average or below average height models. In fact, you can attend my class to learn about personal grooming as not all my students want to be fulltime models. Many are just keen to learn deportment, good carriage and to walk gracefully to gain confidence and for self-improvement. I also have model classes for guys and plus-sized women."

It costs RM 6,800 for a 3-month professional course. Potential models picked by Maggie Loo can even opt to pay RM 3,400 with the remaining deducted from future assignments.

As usual, Chakri Palace @Pavilion dished out a delightful spread fusing Thai and Malaysian delicacies like Roti Jala to smoekd duck and Thai fish cakes.

Chakri Palace @Pavilion is not to be confused with Imperial Chakri Palace at Suria KLCC which opened in 1999! The one at Pavilion opened late last year.

The High Tea buffet is RM 55 nett.

Gold Goh Perfect Point did the make-up and clothes from Stellar Fashion.

For reservations at Chakri Pavilion on 4th floor, call 03-2143 1141.

Those interested in modelling or personal grooming, call 012 20323 17 or

 Princess Dr Becky Leogardo used to model in Manila, Philippines and was a famous covergirl
 She still looks the same!
 2 beauty queens; Princess Dr Becky Leogardo and Maggie Loo
 2 beauties; Maggie Loo and Kee Hua Chee
 Maggie Loo and Kee Hua Chee
 Lim Nam Aik welcoming the guests
 Lim Nam Aik also runs Maggie Loo Academy
 Looks like Maggie Loo...
 But is not! It is her graduating student!

 She also looks like Maggie Loo
 But again is her student
 I thought I was seeing double or triple as many students looked like their mentor Maggie Loo! Must be the chinadoll/pageboy hair!
 See, looks like Maggie Loo!
 Again, looks like the Queenmaker
 She could well be Maggie Loo in 1974!
 She too
 Same hair style!
 Very de tall
 Maggie Loo? No
 The rest are self-explanatory!
 Yen is 191 cm and taller than me!
 I cannot recover so many models look like Maggie Loo! Only proves these girls have what it takes to succeed! 
 She really looks like Maggie Loo
 Shows the power of identical hair styles!


 There was a birthday girl! Just behind Princess Dr Becky Leogardo!

 Maggie Loo wishing the birthday girl many happy returns of the day!
 Singing the birthday song
 The birthday girl in red

 Thank you!
 Lim Nam Aik and Maggie Loo
 Matching couple!
 Yen is a head taller!
 I cannot believe Yen is taller than Maggie Loo!
 Yen is the tallest female model in Malaysia!

 One for the album!
Pretty perfect! 

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