Saturday, May 10, 2014


Maggien Loo of Maggie Loo Models and Beauties Academy held her second Fashion High-Tea at Chakri Palace at Pavilion yesterday 10 May 2014.

It was an unique affair as apart from the usual fashion show featuring pretty young things, there was also a fashion show by matured ladies! 

These days, anyone can be a model as all it takes are determination, guts and guidance from Maggie Loo, Malaysia's most famous and experienced model!

Another surprise was the appearance of Ong Gaik Kim. Maggie Loo's sifu! 

Ong Gaik Kim is 80 but looks 60 as she is so lively, energetic and gung-ho! Truly an inspiration to one and all! 

 I thought I saw some security men or body guards then I saw a VIP guest and old friend of Maggie Loo and she was Puan Seri Esther Tan, wife of tycoon Tan Sri Vincent Tan of Berjaya Group who was her usual lovely and charming self.

I was very impressed with Maggie Loo's latest batch of models as they walked beautifully and gracefully but also posed and preened to devastating effect! Their finale was a complicated Figure 8 formation which was very interesting and eye catching.

The fashions were exceptionally lovely from Magazine boutique. The name is certainly funky as most would assume it is a bookshop rather than boutique! But who cares as the clothes look like a million but range from RM 140 to RM 400! A steal!

Magazine boutique is owned by sisters Wong Yen Li and Wong Shir Lee. Magazine boutique is located at 34, 1st floor, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur. 03-2287 3368 or Facebook 'Magazineboutique' or

Those interested in taking up modelling as a career or for self improvement pray contact Maggie Loo Models and Beauties Academy or or 03-7497 0703 or 012-20 323 17

Again I ruined my diet as Chakri serves such a lavish and delicious Thai high tea with Malaysian touches. Chakri Palace @Pavilion KL is the SECOND BEST Thai restaurant in Malaysia.

The BEST Thai restaurant is Imperial Chakri Thai Restaurant at Suria KLCC serving Thai Royal Cuisine! 

The next Maggie Loo High Tea Fashion Show at Chakri Pavilion is on 7 June and 14 June 2014. RM 55 nett per person for the eat all you can buffet! 016-2277 197 for reservations.

Maggie Loo being interviewed
Cool cat
Ong Gaik Kim and Maggie Loo---Sifu and Tuti!
Ong Gaik Kim is aged 80 and Maggie Loo is ageless
Maggie Loo, Ong Gaik Kim and Kee Hua Chee
Kee Hua Chee and Stella Lim of S2 Slimming Centres
Yen at right is a living KL Tower
The other models only reach Yen's armpits as she is 191 cm
191 cm is Yen at right
High flying Yen
Kee Hua Chee is tall but can rest his head on Yen's bosom!
3 generations of top models; Ong Gaik Kim, Maggie Loo and Quak Yen Kuan
Ong Gaik Kim, Maggie Loo and Yen
Notice each generation gets taller!
Ascending order
In descending order also can
So pretty!
Ong Gaik Kim is 80, Maggie Loo is 40 and Yen is 20!
3 generations of models!
Looking great
Fashion show in progress with clothes from Magazine boutique which are also available at Isetan

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