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Bravo Keith Kee for your first Ready to Wear 'Moon Night' collection! Well done!

Keith Kee did a paradigm lat night at Paradigm Mall in Kelana Jaya so far from KL Golden Triangle it took Princess Dr Becky Leogardo and I one and half hours to reach but since I was in her new Rolls-Royce Ghost, I did not mind.
 Amber Chia
 Amber Chia
 Josh Yen, winner of Most Promising Male Model of 2014
 Keith Kee taking a bow
 Congratulations Keith Kee---you are Malaysia's best fashion designer and so creative!
 Amber Chia and Josh Yen
 Cheers to Sapporo beer from Japan
 Ashton Wong is Amber Chia's son!
 Malaysia's Most Promising Male Model Josh Yen enjoying Sapporo beer
 Wilson Tan throwing Ashton off the stage
 Amber Chia, Wilson Tan and Sheena Liam
 VIP guests
Kee Hua Chee in Keith Kee Kouture (KKK)

It was a real paradigm shift at Paradigm Mall as Keith Kee introduced his very first Ready to Wear collection! Actually there were 2 paradigm shifts as he eschewed his usual multi-colour palette and produced a sensual collection based on black, white, silver and burnished gold!

All these years, Keith Kee had concentrated on made to measure though of course you could buy the ready made garments off the rack if they fitted you.

Keith Kee is also famous for his colourful, joyful and celebratory colours but for once, he has gone monochromatic!

Two months ago, Keith Kee was in Penang his home state having sex with his lover naked on the beach at midnight. He came so much the island nearly did an Atlantis. As he gasped for breath, he realise how eeriely beautiful the scene was since it was bathed in moonlight.

He noted the various shades of ivory, pale gold, black and silver and decided his next collection would focus on these hues! Subdued but still sexy and sophisticated!

Ok, so many Keith Kee was not having wild sex but the other details are true.

Keith Kee Kouture is now also available in Keith Kee RTW, consisting of party frocks, casual wear and evening gowns, all of which are for instant sale at his boutique at 42 A, Block F, Jalan PJU 1/45, Aman Suria Damansara, Petaling Jaya 47301.

Tel; 603; 7804 9829

Sponsors; Paradigm Mall, Sapporo Premium beer from Japan, SOP Bar & Bistro, Bitburger, Amber Chia Academy, Runway Productions, Bmic Nail Spa Salon, Vanessa Rouge and 321 Proproject

Supermodel Amber Chia in action! She was the best as usual!
In case you did not realise, the show was at Paradigm Mall in Kelana Jaya
Amber Chia
Amber Chia
Amber Chia closing the show
Amber Chia in action
Lovely swirl!
Only Amber Chia can pose like this and not look cacat
Amber Chia
Cool pose
Grand finale
Grand finale

Josh Yen is the Next Big Thing 

Keith Kee taking a bow 
Yahoo! Kee Kee the victor!

Lucky draws of 1 month's supply of beer at SOP@Paradigm
I did not win!
How can it be possible I did not win? Treachery at work!
Huey Hiew at work
The winners of the lucky draw

2 winners vanished so there was another draw and yet I did not win!
Models for final photo opportunity
All together now
Class act
Keith Kee has long sexy legs like me

Amber Chia and Josh Yen

Ashton Wong is Amber Chia's son! 
Ashton starting young!
Cool kiddo
Group shot
At Paradigm Mall
One for the road
One for album
The best new model Josh Yen
Cheers to Sapporo Premium Beer!
Ashton the centre of attention

Josh Yen looking hot
Josh Yen won Most Promising Male Model 2014
Cheers to Josh Yen with Sapporo Premium Beer
Josh Yen won Most Promising Male Model 2014
Grand finale
Wilson Tan playing with Ashton the son of Amber Chia
Wilson Tan throwing Ashton off the stage. I understand as I prefer dogs to children
Oh, Wilson Tan brought Ashton back safely on stage

Sheena Liam won Star Award 2014

It was also Sheena Liam's birthday!
Wilson Tan and Sheena Liam
Amber Chia, Wilson Tan and Sheena Liam were the hottest trio
Wilson Tan congratulating Sheena Liam
KL's leading lights
KL's leading socialites
Kee Hua Chee was the shiniest of all socialites
Kee Hua Chee knew many fingers were touching him and several hands were rubbing his backside and stroking his thighs as he is irresistible 
Many sexually aroused hands were fondling Kee Hua Chee's ass but he did not lodge a police report
Huey Hiew did not suffer any problems
Carrie Lee, Miss Chinese Cosmos 2004
Carrie Lee, Miss Chinese Cosmos 2004 and still going strong after being a mother

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