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8.01-carat Emerald-cut Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond and Diamond Ring 1-1.jpg
The star of the season---the 8.01 carat blue diamond estimated at RM 55 million
5 03-ct Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond and 8 01-ct Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond 1 (2) (3).jpg
5.03 carat Fancy Vivid Pink diamond (RM 26 million) and 8.01 carat fancu Vivid Blue diamond (RM 55 million)!

Coloured diamonds used to be near worthless as recent as the 1920s! I met this dealer in Antwerp, Holland who showed me his collection of little coloured diamonds framed inside a huge frame like a painting. He told me he started collecting coloured diamonds like red, blue, pink, orange, brown, black, green, purple and other intermediate shades in the 1920s not because he loved them but they were the only diamonds he could afford as a young man of extremely limited means!

He told me, "Of course I loved coloured diamonds but actually I preferred 'white' or 'colourless' diamonds which is the correct technical name as a diamond you call 'white' is actually colourless as a real white diamond would be the colour of white ceramic or bathroom tile which would be totally opaque and be unable to sparkle, just like black diamonds which simply absorb all light and by not allowing light to pass through, make it impossible for black diamonds to shine.

"I was not even 20 but I wanted to collect diamonds but as a novice with no money, that was impossible. Then I came across coloured diamonds and decided to collect them since they were so cheap even I could afford them! To me, the most important was that they were real diamonds and not fakes or manmade. So I started buying them and often the established dealers gave me free when they saw my passion and poor position! Naturally they were very small diamonds as even back then a big coloured diamond had value but small coloured diamonds of 0.3 or smaller had very little value."

Over decades, he collected more and bigger, better and more beautiful specimens and by the time she showed me his collection arranged as a starburst inside a frame the stones were worth millions! Indeed he said an Arab sheik offered him US$7 million for the entire collection as a wedding gift to Prince Charles and Princess Diana but he held out for US$10 million. Back then a million US dollars was a huge sum!

Anyway this blue diamond of 8.01 carats of incredible colour and clarity without irritating little specks is worth up to RM 55 million! But the new owner is GUARANTEED NOT to feel blue with this blue baby!

Those from the poorer classes and on a tight budget will have to make do with a pink baby weighing 5.03 carats going for less than half the blue wonder---at RM 26 million. Well, many prefer pink to blue so you don't have to be embarrass about having to settle for something smaller and cheaper!

Amazingly, there is another blue diamond that is valued at very attractive price considering its weight of 5 carats. This is the double rose-cut, pear-shaped fancy vivid blue diamond with has a presale estimate of a mere RM 15 to RM 17 million! Compare this 5 carat blue diamond with its bigger cousin of 8.01 carats valued at RM 55 million!

There is also a pink diamond, pear-shaped and internally flawless (like me!) of 3.28 carats estimated at a mere RM 11 to RM 14 million---loose change relative to the bigger blue and pink cousins! This pink diamond is internally flawless as most pinkies come imbued with modifiers like purple or orange that contribute their tinge to the stone but this pink diamond is uniformly and evenly pink with no colour transfusions, so to speak!

ON 3 APRIL 2012
An Explosion Of Colours
Highlighting A Stellar Cast Of Stunning Vivid Blue And Pink

A 3.28-carat Pear-shaped Internally Flawless Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond and Diamond Ring (Est. HK$22 - 28 million / US$2.8 – 3.6 million);

a 5.03-carat Pear-shaped Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond and Diamond Ring (Est. HK$42 – 52 million / US$5.4 – 6.7 million)

a 8.01-carat Emerald-cut Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond and Diamond Ring (Est. HK$90 – 110 million / US$11.5 - 14 million);

a 5.00-carat Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond, Pink Diamond and Diamond Ring (Est. HK$31 - 35 million / US$4– 4.5 million)

Hong Kong Public Exhibition: 31 March – 2 April | Auction: 3 April in Hong Kong at Hong Kong Convention Centre at Hall 5 on 3 April 2012.

Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite Spring Sale promises an explosion of enchanting colours, led by an exceptional offer of important and extremely rare blue and pink
diamonds, beautiful Colombian emeralds, Burmese rubies and Kashmir sapphires of superb quality, highly coveted natural pearls and exquisite jadeite jewellery. Altogether the sale will offer 358 lots estimated to achieve a total of HK$587 - 717 million / US$75 - 92 million*.

QUEK Chin Yeow, Deputy Chairman and Head of Jewellery Department, Sotheby’s Asia, said, “With the new per-carat record price for blue diamonds in hand, Sotheby’s Hong Kong has had a track record of being the auction house of choice for selling top vivid blue diamonds. International connoisseurs of these rare diamonds will look to a superb 8.01-carat emerald-cut vivid blue diamond to be sold in April 2012. There has not been an emerald cut
diamond over 8 carats in the auction market for a number of years. Complementing this would be two fantastic vivid pink diamonds, including a 3.28-carat gem of Internally Flawless clarity, which is an exceptionally rare occurrence.

"Included in the sale is an interesting group of Colombian emeralds, from a wonderful single 16.83-carat cushionshaped emerald and a pair of 10-carat-plus emerald pendent earrings, to a classic emerald and diamond Harry Winston necklace and spectacular pair of earrings, also by Harry Winston.”

In recent years, Sotheby’s has handled some of the most notable blue diamonds at auction, including; a superb 5.16 carat Pear-Shaped Internally Flawless Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond, one of the 11 magnificent blue diamonds formerly in the legendary De Beers Millennium Jewels Collection (April 2010, Hong Kong); the “Star of Josephine”, a 7.03 carat
Cushion-shaped Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond (May 2009 Geneva); and a 6.04 carat Internally Flawless Emerald Cut Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond (October 2007, Hong Kong).

Following the recent success of last season with a 6.01-carat Cushion-shaped Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond and Pink Diamond Ring sold at HK$79.06 million / US$10 million setting world auction record price per carat for any fancy vivid blue diamond (HK$13,154,739 / US$1,686,505 per carat), this season Sotheby’s is delight to present a stellar cast of coloured diamonds, led by a 8.01-carat Emerald-cut Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond and Diamond Ring (Est. HK$90 – 110 million / US$11.5 – 14 million) - the largest emerald cut vivid blue to appear at auction for a number of years.

Extremely rare, the emerald cut is highly sought after in coloured diamonds and often denotes the best quality. Unlike certain cutting styles with a colour-enhancing effect on the stone, the emerald cut shows the diamond in its original and is therefore applied only to top-quality diamonds of the best colour saturation. Of Fancy Vivid Blue, the highest colour grading for blue diamonds, and desirable VVS1 clarity, this is a real gem of exceptional quality and rarity to crown the most important of diamond collections.
8.01-carat Emerald-cut Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond and Diamond Ring 1-1.jpg
Estimated at RM 55 million, this 8.01 carat blur diamond is worthy of emperors and kings though the Emperor of Japan is the last living emperor left but there are plenty of loaded tycoons desirous of starting a family tradition of collecting.

Of equally mesmerising colour but a completely different charm is a 5.00-carat Pear-shaped Double Rose-cut Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond, Pink Diamond and Diamond Ring (Est. HK$31 - 35 million / US$4 – 4.5 million). Fashioned in the most unique cutting style, a pear-shaped double rose cut formed entirely by triangular facets which give it a subtle brilliance, and complimented by pink and white diamonds, this delightful gem possesses the elegance and romance of an antique stone. While the rose cut is more common in white diamonds, it is increasingly fashionable and sought-after in coloured diamonds and one can certainly appreciate the reason for its growing popularity in this charming jewel.
5.00-carat Rose-cut Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond 1.jpg
This 5-carat blue diamond estimated at RM 17.5 million is the poor cousin to the RM 55 million , 8.01 blue big brother but in life you cannot have everything, right?

Following the success of the sale of The Graff Pink at Sotheby’s Geneva (US$46,158,674, November 2010), this season Sotheby’s presents two important pink diamonds, each of a distinct allure set to capture diamond connoisseurs of all tastes. Among them is a 5.03-carat Pear-shaped Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond and Diamond Ring (Est.
HK$42 – 52 million / US$5.4 – 6.7 million).

Of a splendid pure pink free from modifying hues such as purple or orange, this gem is certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as of Fancy Vivid Pink, the highest colour grading for pink diamonds. Fancy vivid diamonds of over 5 carats are exceedingly rare and at 5.03 carats, this beautiful gem is of them. It is accompanied by a letter form Stephen C. Hofer, world-renowned gemologist, stating that it is “one of the most beautiful, rare and important natural pink diamonds in the world”.
5.03-carat Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond and Diamond Ring 1.jpg
This pink beauty is estimated at RM 26 million and weighs just 5.03 but it is pure pink as it is free from modifying colours like orange, purple or magenta as if often found in pink diamonds which makes this a great rarity for its relatively large size.

Another pink gem offered is a 3.28-carat Pear-shaped Internally Flawless Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond and Diamond Ring (Est. HK$22 - 28 million / US$2.8 – 3.6 million). As most natural pink diamonds inevitably contain inclusions, the GIA-certification of Internally Flawless clarity as seen in this gem is an exceptionally rare attribute in pink diamonds, and no less than a miracle of Nature perfected by genius cutting. Modelled as a blooming calla lily and flanked by white diamonds, this delightful jewel of pure Fancy Vivid pink colour exudes a graceful and endearing feminine charm. Drool below;
3.28-carat Pear-shaped Internally Flawless Fancy Vivid Diamond and Diamond Ring.jpg

Following the success of an auspicious pair of 10.88-carat Perfect Brilliant-cut D-Colour
Flawless Unmounted Diamonds, which achieved World Record Price Per carat For Any
Round White Diamonds at HK$37.62 million / US$4.82 million (HK$1,728,860 /
US$221,649 per carat) in October 2010, this sale also presents a 18.11-carat Brilliant-
Cut Unmounted DFL Diamond (Est. HK$26 - 30 million / US$3.4 – 3.85 million).
Unmounted 18.10-carat Brilliant-cut DFL Diamond-1.jpg
Attaining the highest grading in all attributes - the most desirable D-colour, Flawless
clarity, Type IIa purity, Excellent Cut, Polish and Symmetry (Triple Excellent) – this gem
is the epitome of natural perfection.

Shining alongside the unmounted diamond above is a 14.12-carat Moval-shaped Golconda
DIF Diamond Ring (Est. HK$16 - 20 million / US$2 - 2.5 million). A Type IIa diamond akin to examples from the ancient mine of Golconda in India, this gem boasts
exceptional optical transparency incomparable by diamonds from other mines, which is
complimented by the soft brilliance of the ancient cutting style. Often creating an illusion of a
greater size when worn, the “Moval” shape (or antique marquise shape) is the symbol of
opulence, glamour and independence of style.
14.12-carat  DIF Marquise-shaped Diamond Ring-1.jpg
RM 10 million for this 14.12 carat white diamond

This is complemented by a Pair of 7.36 and
7.11-carat Pear-shaped DIF Diamond Pendent Earrings (Est. HK$10 – 12 million /
US$1.3 – 1.5 million), also of D colour, Internally Flawless clarity and the most-desirable Type
IIa purity.

The growing demand for superlative gemstones by sophisticated collectors in Asia is increasingly apparent as an Important 27.67-Carat Burmese Ruby Cabochon and Diamond Ring, Bulgari, brought HK$17,460,000 /US$2,238,462 in April 2011 (Hong Kong). This season Sotheby’s is delighted to offer an Exquisite Burmese Ruby And Diamond Necklace (Est. HK$18 – 25 million / US$2.3 – 5.2 million) featuring 23 natural unheated Burmese rubies, all of highly coveted “pigeon’s blood” red colour, with a total weight of 53.07 carats, as well as diamonds together weighing approximately 89 carats.
Burmese Ruby and Diamond Necklace, ttl 53.07 carats 1-1.jpg
RM 13 million for this ruby and diamond necklace and the rubies are all of the coveted pigeon's blood colour which sounds gruesome enough but I guess is still better than 'human blood' colour!
Burmese Ruby and Diamond Necklace, ttl 53.07 carats.jpg
Another ruby and diamond dazzler

This is complemented by a natural unheated 5.01-carat Burmese Ruby And Diamond Ring (Est. HK$10 - 12 million / US$1.3 – 1.55 million). Of saturated and homogeneous “pigeon’s blood” red colour, and virtually “loupe clean”, which is extremely rare among rubies, the centre stone is certainly a marvelous treasure. Also on offer is a Pair Of 12.17 And 10.46-carat Burmese Ruby And Diamond Pendent Earrings (Est. HK$6.8 – 8 million / US$850,000 – 1 million).
5.01-ct Burmese Ruby and Diamond Ring and 8.65-ct Kashmir Sapphire and Diamond Ring.jpg
The 5.01 carat ruby and 4-diamond ring is estimated at RM 6 million while the 8.65 carat sapphire is estimated at RM 3.2 million---go for the ruby ring!
Pair of 12.17 and 10.46 Burmese Ruby and Diamond Pendent Earrings 1.jpg
RM 4 million for this pair of gorgeous ruby and diamond earrings with the rubies weighing 12.17 carats and 10.46 carats

This spring, Sotheby’s offers a collection of superb emeralds fashioned in various cutting styles to showcase the full splendour of this enticing gem: a spectacular matching Pair of 10.28 and 10.19-carat Step-cut Colombian Emerald and Diamond Pendent Earrings (Est. HK$10 - 12 million / US$1.3 – 1.5 million, a 16.83-carat Cushion-shaped Colombian Emerald and Diamond Ring (Est. HK$8.8 - 10 million / US$1.1 - 1.3 million and a perfectly-matched Pair of 9.58 and 9.58-carat Cushion-shaped Sugar Loaf Cabochon Colombian Emerald And Diamond Ear Clips (Est. HK$3.6 – 4.5 million / US$460,000 – 580,000). All natural and free of clarity enhancement, these fine Colombian emeralds with a combination of superior colour, crystalline clarity and size, are of exceptional rarity.
Pair of 9.58 and 9.58-carat Cushion-shaped Sugar Loaf Colombian Emerald and Diamond Earclips.jpg
RM 2.3 million for this perfectly matched Colombian emeralds weighing 9.58 carats each! It is very very rare for large stones to weigh exactly the same as most differ by under or over 1 carat
Harry Winston Colombian Emerald and Diamond Necklace.jpg
Harry Winston Colombian emerald and diamond necklace. Estimated price RM 3 million
Harry Winston 16.57 and 14.58-carat Colombian Emerald and Diamond Earrings.jpg
These gorgeous emerald earrings are from Harry Winston. Estimated price is RM 4.4 million
10.28 and 10.19-carat Emerald and Diamond Pendent Earrings-1.jpg
Pair of 10-carat plus emerald earrings estimated at RM 5 million---the ears have it, remember?

Since the royal wedding of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge of the United Kingdom the regal beauty of sapphire has captured the world’s imagination as a symbol of style and romance. This season Sotheby’s will offer a gorgeous Pair of 7.75 And 6.27-carat Kashmir Sapphire And Diamond Pendent Earrings (Est.HK$9.5 – 12 million / US$1.2 – 1.5 million, left) featuring
natural, unheated Kashmir sapphires of superior colour, uncommon clarity and well proportioned cut.
Pair of 7.75 and 6.27-carat Kashmir Sapphire and Diamond Pendent Earrings 1.jpg
RM 6 million for this cornflower blue Kashmir sapphires which should be spelled Cashmere considering the cash required!

They are complemented by a natural, unheated 8.65-carat Step-cut
Kashmir Sapphire And Diamond Ring (Est. HK$5.5 – 6.3 million / US$700,000 – 800,000). Wittiny light-scattering needle inclusions unique to sapphire of Kashmir origin, these gems glow with a captivating warm blue colour and mesmerising velvety softness valued by connoisseurs of the gemstone.

Also highlighted this season are a glamorous range of creations by world-renowned
jewellers, among them a stunning works by Harry Winston, including a Pair of 16.57 and
14.58-carat Pear-shaped Colombian Emerald and Diamond Pendent Earrings (Est.
HK$7 – 8.8 million / US$900,000 – 1,100,000), and a magnificent Colombian Emerald and Diamond Necklace (est. HK$5 – 6 million / US$650,000 – 770,000) set with three natural emeralds of Colombian origin weighing 10,61 carats, 8.30 carats and 7.02 carats respectively. Known as the “King of Diamonds”, Harry Winston is celebrated for his signature cluster designs inspired by the elegance of a holly wreath, which is beautifully epitomised in the two pieces offered.

In response to the increasing demand in Asia for antique and noble jewellery, Sotheby’s this season offers an important Antique Diamond Brooch, Circa 1860
(Est. 1.2 – 1.5 million / US$150,000 – 190,000) of royal provenance. Featuring diamonds weighing approximately 29.20 carats in total, this refined brooch was the wedding present given to H.R.H. Alice, Duchess of Gloucester (pictured right wearing the brooch), aunt to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, by her husband Prince Henry in 1935, and remained one of her most beloved jewels. An adventurous traveller and dedicated philanthropist, the Duchess passed away peacefully at the age of 102 in 2004, making her the longest lived British Royalty in history.
Important Antique Diamond Brooch circa 1860.jpg
Own a piece of important history for RM 750,000 as this is the estimate for the Duchess of Gloucester brooch given to her on her wedding day by husband Prince Henry

Large, lustrous natural pearls formed purely by serendipity are exceedingly rare and
increasingly sought after by sophisticated connoisseurs. This season Sotheby’s is
delighted to offer a refined array of pearls, among them a fine Natural Pearl And
Diamond Demi-parure (Est. HK$5.5 – 6.3 million /US$700,000 – 800,000). Natural pearls of
colour are remarkably rare this demi-parure set with natural saltwater pearls of important proportions and displaying such an interesting variety of colours is no less than a little miracle of Nature.
Natural Pearl and Diamond Demi-parure.jpg
This natural pearls with natural colours untouched by dyeing is estimated at RM 3.2 million and is considered a miracle of nature. Well I am a Miracle of Nature too but no one ever pays me for sex, sad to say.
Natural Pearl and Diamond Necklace, Boucheron Paris.jpg
Of a more classic style is a nearly flawless triple strand Natural Pearl And Diamond Necklace, Boucheron Paris (Est. HK$4.3 – 5 million / US$550,000 – 650,000) comprising 208 well-matched gleaming saltwater pearls. At RM 2.5 million, these pearls are not big but their value is due to their natural state as they were extracted from oysters living in the seabed and not cultivated or farmed like Mikimoto or Paspaley. Hence their rareness though you may not realise it at first glance since they look relatively ordinary!

Connoisseurs of traditional Chinese jewellery will be enchanted by a very fine Jadeite “Laughing
Buddha” And Diamond Pendant Necklace (Est. HK$15 – 18 million / US$1.9 – 2.3 million). Carved from superb jadeite of extremely fine texture, lustrous green colour and high translucency, the pendant is a rare treasure and true embodiment of refinement and perfection. This is complemented by a Pair of Jadeite Cabochon And Diamond Pendent Earrings (Est. HK$10 and 13 million / US$1.3 – 1.7 million) and a Jadeite Cabochon And Diamond Ring
(Est. HK$3 – 4 million / US$380,000 – 500,000). Steeped in traditional Chinese elegance, the cabochon fully reveals the enticing lush green, tantalising translucency and alluring softness of the superb jadeite.
Jadeite Cabochon and Diamond Pendent Earrings.jpg
RM 6.5 million for this splendid jade earrings speak volumes about the value of perfectly green jade!
Jadeite Laughing Buddha and Diamond Pendant2.jpg
Plenty to laugh about for both buyer and seller! RM 9 million for this perfectly and uniformly coloured jade whose price is on par with fine diamonds!

With a track record of successful collaboration with celebrated international jewellery designers,
Sotheby’s Hong Kong this season presents two pieces of specially commissioned jadeite
jewellery designed by renowned London-based jewellery designer Solange Azagury-Partridge,
namely a Pair Of Jadeite Double-Hoop, Diamond And Emerald Pendent Earrings (Est.
HK$6-8 million / US$700,000 – 1 million) and a Jadeite, Black Lacquer, Diamond and Ruby Bracelet (Est. HK$780,000 –900,000 / US$100,000 – 115,000). Both pieces display
a perfect marriage of Western style and Chinese material, and are unique works of jewellery art.
Pair Of Jadeite Double-Hoop, Diamond And Emerald Pendent Earrings, Solange.jpg
I love these earrings! The double hoops required great skill and dexterity as one careless stroke would have broken the hoop as each double-hoop was carved from one piece of jade with uniform colour. The emerald snakes coiling in and out of the hoops also testify to the immense artistic sensibility of the craftsman.

*Estimates do not include buyer’s premium

Sotheby's Hong Kong Spring Sales 2012 Calendar
Hong Kong Exhibition and Auction Venue
Hall 5, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (New Wing)
1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong ^Two salesrooms will be set up for concurrent bidding
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