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By Vanity Fair, I mean the luxe, upscale magazine and not 'Vanity Fair' the novel by William Makepeace Thackeray which is one of my all time favourite books. In fact, I recommend only 2 books everyone must read; Vanity Fair and Metamorphosis. I try to read each once every few years and I must admit I have not done so for the last 5 years so I must find time to re-read these 2 books which could have been written by me, as they are that good.

The Vanity Fair Oscar Party is just about the most coveted afterparty during the Academy Awards as it is hosted by the magazine so you can bet your bottom dollar chances are high your smirking mugshot will appear in the next issue. Hosted by Graydon Carter, it is also a movable fashion feast.

Of course one has to dress to thrill and kill and let your money spill into designers' tills which requires an uphill skill!

Superstars get countless offers from the top designers and get to keep the couture gowns while second class stars have to return them or buy at a discount. Everyone watches whose clothes the superstars are wearing and there are even rumours, always hotly denied by the designers and houses, that top stars get paid for wearing designers' clothes! I suppose it is possible but those at the top of their game are too rich to be bribed.

Angelina Jolie is a class act in a league of her own so obviously she will not considered bribery and corruption and will wear whatever she likes. Those who are happy to be paid are too wanna-be, lowly or not influential enough to be given a free blouse so that would not work either. What a delicious conundrum; those who all designers are willing to give an arm and leg to wear their clothes are already too rich while those willing to accept payment and freebies are too way down the pecking order!

Anyway, Versace, one of my favourite labels, managed to rope in one of Tinseltown's biggest stars and few come bigger and hotter than Angelina Jolie! Just look at her in Versace!

140013992_Angelina Jolie_Oscars 26 02 2012_WEB Expires 26 02 2012 PRESS Expires 26 02 2013.jpg
Simple and slit to nearly her vagina, I mean Vanity Fair...

Angelina Jolie was one of the presenters and her Atelier Versace gown was handmade for her since it is couture and not available at the Versace boutique at Pavilion! Crafted of lush velvet, it is intricately folded at her boobs with full folded skirt and thigh high slit that is already being copied as I type. Simply stunning, both dress and wearer!

Another hot babe who I admire endlessly is Kate Beckinsale who I fell in love with the instant I saw her in the blockbuster movie 'Van Helsing'. The tight fitting, body hugging corset, laces, leathers and thigh high boots almost made me pass out cold so I had to see the movie 5 times before I was sated. Lucky ASTRO broadcast 'Van Helsing' so I watched several times till I knew the dialogue.

Anyway this sizzler also wore Atelier Versace to say hello to Graydon Carter, the host with the most at Vanity Fair Oscar Party.
Heidi Klum in SS'12 Atelier Versace.jpg
Kate Beckinsale looked stunning in Atelier Versace and I love the cut-outs but I think the effect would be more shattering (like the vodka advert) if the material was a solid colour instead of the signature baroque print.

I like fussy and fancy dressing as I hate minimalism but in this case one can hardly see the design due to the pattern! An all black gown with gold, embroidered or sequinned borders for the cut-outs would be even more eye catching. But then I am not Donatella who knows better...

Kate Hudson also wore Versace but since she is not in the same league as Angelina Jolie and Kate Beckinsale, she did not qualify for Atelier Versace which is the topmost tier in the House of Versace. Instead the poor girl had to make do with Versace only which is still very grand, pricey and prestigious, mind you.

Heidi Klum in SS'12 Atelier Versace.jpg
Kate Hudson wore this vintage Versace with heavy fringe from waist down.

Then there was the other must-attend party; Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Viewing Party where you got more of the same. Same kind of stars wearing famous labels like Versace. Supermodel Heidi Klum wore Atelier Versace also, a bright, happy yellow short shift with metal accents. Like I said, Kate Beckinsale's gown should be a solid colour block like Heidi's!

Model Irina Shayk, not exactly a world famous name like Naomi Campbell or Claudia Schiffer, also wore Versace but not Atelier Versace but from the current Spring 2012 collection. She does look like Brooke Shields, this Irina thingy.
Heidi Klum in SS'12 Atelier Versace.jpg
Irina Shayk wore a rather similar gown to Angelina Jolie but hers was made of chiffon with crystal details at the shoulder and side slit.

Here's another looKEE at Angelina JoLEE
140013992_Angelina Jolie_Oscars 26 02 2012_WEB Expires 26 02 2012 PRESS Expires 26 02 2013.jpg
Reminds me of origami paper folding but this star is no geisha!


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