Monday, March 17, 2014


I attended the 10th World Wai Kru Muay Thai Ceremony as I am a big fan of Thai kick boxing though I have never stepped inside a ring and see no reason to do so.

But I was keen to see my hero Buakaw Banchamek the K-1 world champion and countless other titles. The highlight was the match between Buakaw and China's Wei Chao Chen. I simply assumed Buakaw would win and he did! By a stunning knockout! I was so excited as I was standing next to the ring that I almost passed out just like the unfortunate Chinaman Wei Chao Chen who probably didn't realise what hit him!

But to be knocked out flat on your back by Buakaw Bunchamek can be considered an honour! Buakaw is the Thai welterweight Muay Thai champion and two time World K-1 MAX champion, winning the title in 2004 and 2006 when he was at his peak. 

He trained and fought under Pro Pramuk Gym and was named Buakaw Por Pramuk as traditionally young fighters use the name of their gym as a mark of respect and loyalty to their teachers. 

Born in Surin in 1982, this 31 year old world famous Muay Thai champion is now considered past his prime as Muay Thai is so punishig once a fighter reaches 30 he tends to semi-retire and become a trainer. Of course by then most professional boxers would have made enough money to retire comfortably and earn fees through special appearances, shows, endorsements and advertisements.

Buakaw started at 8 which is considered ideal though some begin at 6. His first name was Damtamin Kiat Anan but an astrologer advised him to change and now he has found fame and fortune as Buakaw!

Buakaw is the first to win the K-1 MAX World Championship twice. He nearly won thrice in a row but lost the extra round to Andy Souwer in 2005 or else he would be entrenched as the first and only champion to win the 2004, 2005 and 2006 titles! That would have been incredible to the max!

In 2007 Buakaw lost the quarter-final to Masato and that was the beginning of the end of K-1 for him. However he became the 2010 Shoot Boxing S Club World Champion! Buakaw may yet resurrect his fighting career as a MMA fighter! 

Kee Hua Chee and his idol Buakaw Banchamek
Buakaw is currently Thailand's most famous and successful boxer though he is semi-retired now and does more exhibition matches but the one I saw was real as his opponent was knocked out cold!
Kee Hua Chee failed to pose with Buakaw so this had to do
Buakaw Banchamek with Muay Thai VIPs

A TAT director making welcome speech
Samart Payakaroon used to be Thailand's most famous and successful boxer but he is 51 now though he looks great for his age and his body still solid and taut!

Buakaw getting out of ring to prepare and put on gloves

I stood in Buakaw's corner and was less than a metre away from Buakaw!
Look at Buakaw's body! Solidified muscles!

China's Wei Chao Chen was the underdog and proved it!
Performing the traditional Wai Khru before the fight
Each happened to face the opposite direction

Wei Chao Chen from China looked confident

Wei Chao Chen grins cheekily
Buakaw symbilically pretends to take an arrow from the quiver on his back and fires an arrow at Wei Chao Chen!
Wei Chao Chen did what he was supposed to do---jumped to one side while pretending to grab the arrow and broke it into two on his knee!
Buakaw fired a second arrow and again, Wei Chao Chen sidestepped the poison arrow while grabbing it and breaking the arrow on his thigh!
However on the third attempt by Buakaw, Wei Chao Chen pretended to be shot by the arrow by grimacing in pain and pretending to die! The audience roared with laughter at this amusing paly-acting but alas, Wei should not have accepted the deadly arrow piercing his chest as he lost the match by being knocked out!
Only a brilliant photographer like me could have taken this spectacular photo from the perfect angle! Kee and Leica! Yay!
Getting ready
The exciting fight begins! Everyone practically sat at the edge of their seats or stood clapping!
Close encounter of the painful kind!
Poor Wei Chao Chen went down thrice before getting knocked out!

Buakaw deals with Wei's feet

Oops, Wei Chao Chen went down again!
The first round went to Buakaw! As expected

I wanted to massage Buakaw but was stopped! 
I wanted to do this for Buakaw but the officials wouldn't allow me!

Wei Chao Chen soon realised this would be a familiar position

Down and out! Poor Wei Chao Chen from China was out-boxed and out-ranked!
Oh was Wei Chao Chen having a hard on? His cock seemed to be erect! I am such a brilliant photographer as I rushed to this corner to snap this photo of Wei Chao Chen on the horizontal!
I was told Wei's stiff dick was just his groin protector as he would not be sexually aroused while being beaten blue black!
Buakaw the victor checking on the vanquished
Here is the champion!
Buakaw  reigns OK!
I am the greatest!
What a body!
Congratulations Buakaw Banchamek! You are the best Muay Thai boxer in observable universe! 


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