Sunday, March 2, 2014


Kee Hua  Chee, that's me by the way in case you are thinking of someone else since I don't read minds, was one of the judges of the sem-finals of Mrs Universe Malaysia and Mrs Elite Malaysia 2014 yesterday at Palace of Golden Horses.

The other judges were businesswoman, soon to be tycooness and owner of Jennifer Ong Gloves Jennifer Ong, Michael from Sunbig, Datin Yong Maylene, Stella Lim of S2 Slimming so Stella always look nicely slim and sexy, Dato Seri Dr Robin Tan of HWT Group and wife Datin Seri Jenny Tan and Putri Rosmawinnie who came with her 6 good looking children, 2 maids and 4 staff to handle them and just took possession of her exclusive. one of a kind Gucci snake bag with bamboo handles that cost her RM 40,000 at Gucci Pavilion.

So we judges were a pretty powerful group!

The judging took place in Palace of Golden Horses Theatre which I never knew existed until yesterday! Hmmm maybe I did go there once with Princess Dr Becky for an embassy event 13 years ago and anyway she was supposed to be one of the judges but was unwell.

The grand finals will be on 13 April 2014 also at Palace of Golden Horses.

Pageant organiser and owner of Yinzi Marketing & Events Lim Siew Cheng and Jennifer Ong, Mrs Malaysia Charisma Ambassador 2013/14
Lim Siew Ching and Jennifer Ong
Lim Siew Cheng, Kee Hua Chee who is so tall and Jennifer Ong
Terror 3some
Lim Siew Cheng, Kee Hua Chee with limited  edition Prada bag and Jennifer Ong, Mrs Malaysia Charisma Ambassador 2013/14
Lim Siew Cheng, Kee Hua Chee and Mrs Malaysia Charisma Ambassador 2013/14 Jennifer Ong
Mrs Malaysia Charismas Ambassador 2013/14 Jennifer Ong who is wearing her sash on wrong shoulder! She should have worn it on her right shoulder so the words can be readc easily. She put on her sash herself in the hotel restroom so the words appeared correct to her but not to viewers! Incredibly no one noticed or asked her to swop  shoulders! Amazing so many saw but didn't realise!
Jennifer Ong, Mrs Elite Malaysia 2013 Anna Tiam amd Lim Siew Cheng
Jennifer Ong, Anna Tian and Lim Siew Cheng
3 lovelies
Putri Rosmahwinni and her 6 gorgeous kids
Putri Rosmahwinni so lucky as she has 6 great kids destined to be stars of screen, stage and song!
Putri Rosmahwinni and kids who will enter showbiz under the management of Kee Hua Chee
Kee Hua Chee joins in since he is the greatest showbiz personality of all
Kee Hua Chee will manage Putri Rosmahwinni's children to superstardom
Stella Lim of S2  Slimming Centres and Jennifer Ong of Jennifer Ong Gloves Sdn Bhd
Stella Lim and Jennifer Ong
The judges; Michael of Sunbig, Dato Seri Paduka Dr Robin Tan of HWT Group. Putri Rosmahwinni, Datin Yong May Lene, Lim Siew Cheng, KEE HUA CHEE (IN CAPITAL LETTERS SO YOU WON'T MISS HIS NAME), Stella Lim, Datin Seri paduka Jenny Tan and Jennifer Ong
llustrious judges
The powerful and authoritaive judges
The great judges
Eragon Putra and Edmund Putra
So good looking the brothers
Eragon Putra and big bro Edmund Putra will be appearing in movies and TV adverts  soon
The Putri twins
2 stunners
Opening dance show at Palace of Golden Horses Theatre
Hot dancers

The semi-finalists of Mrs Elite Malaysia 2014

Each had to introduce herself to the audience and judges in Mandarin or English

Lim Siew Cheng sang 2 songs

Anna Tian sang 2 songs

All contestants had to participate in Talent Contest which the audience had to pay RM 60 to watch!

Jennifer Ong, Stella Lim and Kee Hua Chee before judging
Thumbs up for the 2 contests
Kee Hua Chee, Datin Yong Maylene and Putri Rosmahwinni
Lookee at Kee's rings

Fashion designer Hideaki sings

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