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Shanghai Fight Night bringing the best of Professional and White Collar Boxing together for the first time in Shanghai
for a gala night of gloves, glitz and glamour

Boxing officially went big in Shanghai on December 6, 2013 with Shanghai Fight Night – a glamorous black tie gala dinner event featuring nine boxing fights, including four professional bouts. Shanghai Fight Night has been created by China Sports Promotions, the team behind the nine editions of the massively successful Brawl on the Bund and Brawl on the Wall events in Shanghai and Beijing over the last five years.

Shanghai Fight Night, in association with Cotai Ring Club, took Shanghai’s most anticipated black tie event one step further with the introduction of professional boxing fights. Hosted at Hyatt on the Bund Shanghai, the night featured a cocktail reception, a four-course meal and free flow wine and beer in a black tie setting.

The Professional Boxers

Headlining Shanghai Fight Night were Sugar Ray Lee and Xu Cong Liang going head to head in an eight-round bout. This fight is set to end the evening in explosive style with both fighters at the top of their games. Both Sugar Ray Lee and Xu Cong Liang’s style complement each other. Sugar is known for being a dynamic speed fighter while Xu Cong likes to fight on the inside cornering his opponents off and working with hooks and uppercuts. Although the fight has no title on the line, the two fighters have garnered growing reputations in China in the last few years and while the two fighters have trained together in the past, it is the first time they will face off in a competitive bout.

China Sports Promotions’, and events like Shanghai Fight Night in particular, are aiming to assist and develop professional boxing in China. The event provides a platform and visibility for Chinese-based fighters to help gain easier access to training, sponsorship and career development. Over the coming 12 months and beyond, CSP aims to host a number of exhibition fights both locally and internationally to help build the profile of boxing across China.

The White Collar Fighters

Working men and women from around Shanghai had been hitting the gym hard in the last three months to prepare for this huge night of entertainment. For Shanghai Fight Night, over 30 men and women entered into training for the night, all just ordinary people in Shanghai hitting Golden Gloves Gym in Shanghai hard six days a week, giving up alcohol and the dark side of Shanghai to be in the best shape of their lives.

Two of the most anticipated fights on the night were the fourth and fifth White Collar Boxing fights. First up is British International School PE teacher and former Semi Pro footballer Craig Northedge vs. Tommy Greb form the US who works for a global wealth management company. In the final White Collar Boxing fight of the evening, it was the heavy weight category with huge South African Jethro Mickleburgh coming up against and the UK’s Josh Stone who works in tenant representation for Jones Lang LaSalle

“It takes a certain person to be able to commit to the demanding schedule,” says Founder Shane Benis, “but the feeling that you get when you step in the ring and are backed by a room full of friends cheering you on is one you will never forget.”

About White Collar Boxing China

White Collar Boxing China was formed in 2008 ahead of the first Brawl on the Bund event in Shanghai. The concept of White Collar Boxing originated in the legendary Gleason’s gym in New York in 1988. It is a form of boxing where both men and women in white collar professions train to fight in special events. Most have no previous experience in boxing. Since the late 1980’s, White Collar Boxing has been the fastest growing corporate contact sport in the world.
About China Sports Promotions

China Sports Promotions is a Shanghai based events company dedicated to developing the sport of boxing in China. CSP’s portfolio of events includes the widely successful amateur White Collar Boxing China charity fight nights: Brawl On The Bund in Shanghai and Brawl On The Wall in Beijing. Collectively CSP has raised over RMB 1.5 million in donations for charity organizations in China.

CSP’s focus is to now develop professional boxing in China, providing a platform for Chinese-based fighters with access to sponsorship for training and career development through both local and international fight nights.
Contact info@chinasportspromotions.com for more information.

About title sponsor The Cotai Ring Club

The Cotai Ring Club from Cotai Strip Resorts Macao is the recognized entertainment leader in Macao. It is well known for bringing the best in sports action to Macao. This includes Top Rank from double Olympic Gold Medal winner Zou Shiming’s professional debut in Fists of Gold I, and to the most exciting boxing event ever held in Asia: Manny Pacquiao-Brandon Rios: The Clash in Cotai in November 2013.

The Cotai Ring Club is also the home of UFC in Asia and sponsors The Ultimate Fighter China series and Finale in Macao, White Collar Boxing, Muay Thai, not to mention world-class Pro Tennis, Yao Ming Basketball and more.

Members will get advanced notice on exciting events like these great and future events, and will qualify for seat access and packages especially crafted for them as well as special member events and themed Cotai Ring Club merchandize and gifts.'
About the Corner Sponsors
Red Corner:Bar Rougehas become the most famous bar and night club in Shanghai, setting the standard for Bund nightlife. Its terrace view plus classy, sleek interiors and iconic French-Shanghai identity have become synonymous with Shanghai nightlife. Bar Rouge is not only one of CSP’s founding partners, it is also the venue for Shanghai Fight Night’s official after party.

Blue Corner: American Medical Center (AMC)is China’s number one sports medicine facility in China. It serves as a multi-specialty, sports medicine and surgical clinic in Shanghai and soon in Beijing. Services include outpatient surgery, medical imaging, family practice, physical therapy, men's health and preventive medicine.

Doctors from AMC are on hand ringside to ensure the safe care of participants at the event.

Shanghai Fight Night arrives in Shanghai on December 6th

Shanghai Fight Night is the 10th boxing event in Shanghai and Beijing from the creators of Brawl on the Bund

Guests getting excited for Shanghai Fight Night – bringing black tie glitz and glamor to Hyatt on the Bund on December 6 2013

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