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The staff of RAPR, Dato Nancy Yeoh's public relations firm, planned a surprise birthday party for their boss, knowing she and I the greatest journalist this side of the observable universe would be going to Arena of Stars in Genting Resort.

Their plan, plotted mainly by Doreen, the GM of RAPR, was to stun Dato Nancy Yeoh and Kee Hua Chee speechless as we enter the highclass, uber-chic Genting Club whose membership costs RM 20,000 after watching Il Divo concert.

The RAPR staff texted 40 close pals of Dato Nancy Yeoh, inviting them to drive to Genting Resort and wait for Dato Nancy Yeoh or join her at Il Divo concert. So when Dato Nancy Yeoh and I strolled into Genting Club, everyone would scream "Happy Birthday" and make the birthday girl burst into tears of joy. All so very de touching etc.

Alas, God splits asunder what man ponders---a moronic friend phoned Dato Nancy Yeoh (I will not disclose the name) and apologised "So sorry, I cannot attend your surprise birthday party"!

Asked Dato Nancy Yeoh in bewilderment, "What surprise party?"


Like they say, what Man proposes, God disposes! So kerwei.

Oh well, Dato Nancy Yeoh told me to act surprised when we entered Genting club and make my eyes pop in astonishment so as not to disappoint her staff which I could do with perfection after winning the MAABA (Malaysia Academy Award Best Actor) award for the last dozen years.

As our tables were next to Il Divo's table, the 4 stars would also croon Happy Birthday when her birthday cake arrived and they did!

These are the photos in chronological order as they happened!

Dato Nancy Yeoh and Tan Sri Rashid Hussein who founded RHB Bank, the first bank named after a Malay
As you can see, they are good friends after meeting after the Il Divo concert
Dato Nancy Yeoh waving goodbye after inviting Tan Sri Rashid Hussein to join her at Genting Club
But they continued walking out together as Dato Nancy Yeoh admonished Tan Sri Rashid Hussein for not replying her SMS
The night was cold and misty as you can discern
Dato Nancy Yeoh in her Roberto Cavalli that cost RM 14,000
Nice ass. Roberto Cavalli should pay Dato Nancy Yeoh to be ambassador as no one wears Cavalli like she does! This is doing full justice for my favourite couture label! 
Lim Meng Hong of Christie's Malaysia and Lea Salonga the Filipina superstar who was the first to star in 'Miss Saigon' when it premiered
Lim Meng Hong and Lea Salonga
Lea Salonga and Kee Hua Chee
2 superstars; Lea Salonga and Kee Hua Chee
Lea Salonga and Kee Hua Chee who looks more like singer than her
Tg Diana, Doreen and Meng Hong
Yvonne Chia, former powerful CEO of Hong Leong Bank, Dato Nancy Yeoh, Dato Steve Day and Datin Su Day
Yvonne Chia, Dato Nancy Yeoh, Dato Steve and Datin Su Day
Yvonne Chia and Dato Nancy Yeoh
Yvonne Chia of ASTRO and Dato Nancy Yeoh of RAPR Mileage PR agency
Blondie, Dato Nancy Yeoh, Mrs LIsa and Mr Lai Voon Hon
Wholesome foursome
Il Fivo and Lea Salonga arrive at Genting Club!
Il Divo, Lea Salonga and their manager who took my photos earlier as he declared my dressing was out of this world and he was right
Il Divo and co
The excitement was palpable
I kept snapping
Fans sneaking in at the back
Real life
Il Divo
My favourites as they are the youngest and sexiest with hot bods! That's David Miller and Urs Buhler
David Miller is supertall and Urs Buhler is so sexy
Toasting to Dato Nancy Yeoh's 40th birthday
Urs Buhler's smouldering looks make everyone feel faint!
My hot favourites toast me! David Miller and Urs Buhler. They are so handsome, sexy and charming they should break out and go on their own and make 50% each instead of 33.3% from fees!
Kee Hua Chee and Sebastien Izambard and Carlos Marin
Kee Hua Chee and 2 members of Il Divo, Sebastien Izambard and Carlos Marin
Sebastien Izambard, Carlos Marin of Il Divo and Katherine Chew of Genting Resort
Pat Liew of BritishIndia which is Malaysia's best and most successful homegrown fashion label with Sebastien Izambard and Carlos Marin
Dato Julie Lim of Tatiana Boutique and Lampe Berger, Sebastien Izambard and Carlos Marin
Dato Julie Lim owns the Malaysian franchise for Lampe Berger, the world's best air purifier and fragrancer!
Dato Lee Chong Yan, president and COO of Genting Malaysia Berhad joins Il Divo to congratulate them for another sterling show
Dato Lee Chong Yan is the real star actually since he holds the purse strings
Dato Lee Chong Yan and Datin Lee
Isn't Urs Buhler the cutest!!! I like his nose and you know what people say about guys with this kind of nose...yes he is well hung!
Dato Lee Chong Yan greets and meets
Finally, my idol Urs Buhler poses with me! Of course even he asks if I was a Malaysian singer or actor since I look like megastar
Kee Hua Chee removes his Arale cap so their heads and hair could connect in close proximity! These two can be twins separated at birth!
Dato Lee Chong Yan toasts Il Divo and Lea Salonga with Moet & Chandon, my favorite champagne
Dato Lee Chong Yan telling fans to calm down and carry on
Carlos Marin and Dato Nancy Yeoh. I wonder where he put his hands on the PR Queen
Pat Liew, Yvonne Chia and Carlos Marin of Il Divo
Sebastien Izambard does a selfie for a fan!
Carlos Marin with adoring fans though Pat Liew had eyes on David Miller and Urs Buhler or I think so 
Dato Nancy Yeoh and her birthday cake!
She modestly covers her big boobs with hair but they still loom large wor
Nice cake
Happy Birthday, Dato Nancy Yeoh!
Lisa, Lai Voon Hon and Dato Nancy Yeoh
Happy Birthday!
Lee the chartered accountant and Dato Nancy Yeoh
Dato Nancy Yeoh and Kee Hua Chee and bling rings!
Back to Il Divo
Lea Salonga getting up
Katherine Chew and Kee Hua Chee planned to wear matching pink
Lai Voon Hon, Dato Lee Chong Yan, Dato Nancy Yeoh, Lim Meng Hong and Datin Lee
Dato Lee Chong Yan, Dato Nancy Yeoh, Lim Meng Hong and Datin Lee
Katherine Chew getting kissed by Dato Nancy Yeoh but shouldn't it be the other way around?
Katherine Chew and Dato Nancy Yeohdid i
Dato Lee Chong Yan and Datin taking leave as they could not stay and party till dawn did us part
This is why Dato Nancy Yeoh should push her locks back!
Blondie, Yvonne Chia and Lee
Terror 3some
Terrific 3some
Hot couple
Il Divo on the big screens in Genting Club

Lee sandwiched by 2 powderful women
Now he is squeezed in by 3 women
My darling Urs Buhler
Hot ladies
My darling David Miller
Carlos Marin
Carlos Marin
The sexy, smouldering, super singer Urs Buhler
Carlos Marin
Sebastien Izambard
The hot hunky hero David Miller
The Genting Fantastica 2 girls came a-calling!
Carlos Marin having a good time
Sexy! Carlos Marin casting an appreciative eye on the damsels as he should
Kee Hua Chee is sandwiched by 2 hunks
Looking hot
Showtime in Genting Club
The RAPR staff enjoying themselves
David Miller the supertall supermodel super-sexy David Miller and Kee Hua Chee whose complexion flushed pink to match his outfit
David Miller and Kee Hua Chee were voted Most Divine Duo
David Miller and Dato Nancy Yeoh were voted first runner-up in Divine Duo contest
Such darlings
David Miller and Yvonne Chia who reminded him they met at a posh birthday party in Jakarta last year
David Miller and Yvonne Chia who is probably signing him up for ASTRO as she is now director
Hot stuff
I thought David Miller was on his knees proposing marriage but luckily he was not
David Miller has such long, well formed, elegant fingers and you know what they say about men having long fingers...must be loaded
David Miller was so popular there was a long queue. Dato Rose Ganendra does a selfie
Isn't David Miller the most gorgeous boy-next-door ever born?
Mad scramble by the women
Lea Salonga and Yvonne Chia
Ooo, nice cleavage
Lea Salonga and Dato Nancy Yeoh have big boobs but Dato Nancy's bigger
Both look like 25! Amazing
Told her to wear her hair at her back
Nice nose
What is Dato Nancy grabbing?
Kevin Tann (yes, with 2 n's as this is not a typo error!) and Dato Nancy Yeoh
Kevin Tann is VP of Promotions and Entertainment of Genting Resort Malaysia, Dato Nancy Yeoh is birthday girl and La Voon Hon owns Aloft hotel and RuMa
Kevin Tann, Dato Nancy Yeoh and Lai Voon Hon
RAPR rules OK
No flash
2 late teenagers
Cool curves and hot ass
Many men told me they wanna hug this dame from the back
When Jennifer Lopez saw this photo, she downloaded it into her Samsung S3 phone and took it to her plastic surgeon to reconstruct a similar rear
Dato Julie Lim of Lampe Berger and Tatiana boutique at Jalan Maarof, Bangsar
Dato Julie Lim is super hot as you can see from her legs and body
I could not take my lens off her ass
Doreen's ass not so hot
Dato Nancy Yeoh is super hot and can pop any man's cork or her own champagne bottle!
Dato Nancy Yeoh simply shines, sizzles and sparkles!
The sparkler's out but the girl continues to sparkle!
Happy Birthday Dato Nancy Yeoh!
Singing 'Happy Birthday' to Dato Nancy Yeoh
Taken from the screens
David Miller is so passionate!
Sebstien Izambard is quite cute
In New York
Urs Buhler looking hot 
Oh he is so sexy

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