Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Due to the personal intervention of Buddha and personal intercession by Jesus Christ, our MAS MF 366 flight from Kuala Lumpur to Taipei on 23 March did not disappear and we arrived safely while enjoying the superb inflight service for which Malaysia Airlines is justly famous.

The Sherwood hotel, one of the best in Taipei, sent a big van to pick us with our 6 suitcases and 5 Louis Vuitton handcarry trolley bags!

The General Manager of The Sherwood Hotel, Achim Von Hake, a member of German aristocracy from Hamburg, was waiting for us in the driveway and welcomed us warmly. The only problem we had was the weather---it was too warm! Almost every day we checked the weather and it was between 13 and 15 degree Celcius! So I packed 2 fur coats and so did Princess Dr Becky! We almost fainted when the pilot announced brightly "You will be happy to know the ground temperature is 24 degree Celcius"!

Still, what cannot be cured must be endured so we are making the best of it!

Achim Von Hake (such a highclass, noble name!) took us to Princess Dr Becky Leogardo's 2 bed-room suite which has a living room and dining room plus 3 toilets. Mine is right nextdoor.

Everyone of us brought gifts for our dear friend Achim Von Hake.

Princess Dr Becky Leogardo gave him a Louis Vuitton wallet plus Hermes tie. I gave him Swarovski cuff links and health pills. Even Daniel and sister Gloria gave Achim presents!

"I feel like Christmas is here!" exclaimed the General Manager of The Sherwood, one of Taipei's best hotels. "I have never received so many presents from 4 people at one go!"

 Princess Dr Becky Leogardo in her Sherwood Suite with GM Achim von Hake
 Daniel joins in and immediately gets on with his new best friend Achim von Hake
 Daniel aspires to be a high flier
 Daniel giving Achim vin Hake his gift
 Something precious from Hermes!
 A Hermes necktie!
 "I will wear this tie all the time, thanks Daniel!" says general manager of The Sherwood Achim von Hake
 Daniel shows off his half eaten peanut butter sandwich
 Gloria also has a present for Achim von Hake
 Achim von Hake is amazed at Gloria's gift---a costly Chopard pen! Wow
 Princess Dr Becky Leogardo is amused while Achim von Hake is overwhelmed and wonders how little Gloria managed to go to Chopard boutique to buy the pen
 Another gift--- Breguet porcelain dish
 The presents never seem to end
 Daniel and Princess Dr Becky Leogardo in lobby of The Sherwood
 Wonder where Daniel learned how to pose!
 Achim von Hake, Daniel and Princess Dr Becky Leogardo with stunning floral display
 Note Princess Dr Becky's Hermes Birkin crocodile bag that cost her 34,000 euros
 Looks like New York city but this is Taipei
 The world famous 101 Tower!
I love 101
Grand Hyatt
Gap poster very de big
Linda, Gloria, Princess Dr Becky Leogardo and Daniel in front of main entrance of 101
Posh pose
Funky pose
The stars of 101
Lunch at Japanese restaurant named Karen after the owner. This is Princes Dr Becky's favorite eatery in 101
Looks like spine! So erotic
Of course Louis Vuitton is here
So is Dior
And Prada and Miu Miu
Burberry has the biggest store in Asia here in 101
Architecural masterpiece
Princess Dr Becky Leogardo and son 6 year old Daniel
Daniel opens mineral water bottle for his mother
Daniel does a Sleeping Buddha pose
Princess Dr Becky Leogardo tries on new leather and denim Miu Miu jacket
Perfect fit!
Trying on new shoes
101 at 7 pm when we emerged with Achim von Haken who hosted dinner at Panorama, the world's tallest restaurant on the 85th floor in 101 and very, very expensive!
Panorama Italian restaurant
Taiwan's rich and famous dine here
View from the top of 101
At night
My minestrone cost like seventy ringgit
Kee Hua Chee, Princess Dr Becky Leogardo and Achim von Hake
The 3 most glamorous trio in Taiwan
Daniel, Gloria and Linda
Dining at the bar with gondola
All ladies here
Swarovski and Bombay Sapphire!
View from the loo!
Haha, the urinals overlook Taipei so you can literally pee over Taipei!
Peeing while viewing!
The urinals at left
I love peeing here
So does he
Gloria gets close to Achim von Hake
Daniel joins in
My steak
The restaurant manager of Panorama
Manager of Panorama who went down to greet, meet and take us up to 85th floor as he is a good friend of Achim von Hake! We were treated like superstars thanks to Achim von Hake's contacts!
101 on our way home
101 is so impressive
Taken with Leica
Gloria  and Daniel
Fun fun fun
The 3 MusKEEters!
We are the Superstars!
Taipei by night
Princess Dr Becky Leogardo wears her new Miu Miu jacket!
Nice pose

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