Saturday, March 29, 2014


After Christina Aguilera's concert which was held privately behind closed doors at Shangri-La Grand Ballroom ended, I hightailed across Jalan P.Ramlee and Jalan Sultan Ismail to Mercedes-Benz STYLO Fashion Week's grand finale at Hap Seng Mercedes-Benz Building. Luckily it took me and my long legs a mere 4 minutes to scamper to the venue where the show was just starting.

Perfect timing due to the personal intercession of Buddha and Jesus!

The theme was Great Gatsby so of course I dressed the part with 3-piece

 The men's fashion show
 Live music
 Dwarves in action
 Zipped up
 Conversation was impossible with him so we used sign language
 This is one way to shut up a man
 I like bondage
 Fab attire
 Great stuff
 I can see me wearing these uber cool clothes
 The stylist at right looking like Batman's nemesis the Joker
 I like
 You can unzip him to kiss his lips
 I want world peace
 Hot men
 Casey Choong and Kee Hua Chee
 Woman with mustache
 Great God, is this the new Great Gatsby look? I love it
 1920s is back
 Strut stuff
 Hot stuff
 So Edwardian and chic
 White virgins
 Class act

Lady boy look
 Ooh la la
 Love the mirror
 Love the mustache!
 Stuart Tomlinson and Judy Choong
 Illiza Ho is best bag designer in universe!
 In love Illiza Ho's unusual and artisanal bags!
 So unique and couture
 Look at her denims bags, so uber cool
 Statement bag
 Illiza Ho is the name to watch!
 A bag wrapped on arm as shawl!
 Amazing design, she should work as CD for Louis Vuitton!
 Illiza Ho will launch her bag collection soon
 Stunningly unusual bags!
 Illiza Ho is from Taipei, Taiwan and makes KL her home base! Great stuff!
 Illiza Ho and her bag ladies
 Datuk Professor Jimmy Choo and Datin Seri Florence Wong
 Datuk Jimmy Choo and Datin Seri Florence Wong looking like she just stepped out from The Great Gatsby!
 Casey Choong who is an exact clone of his late father Ronnie Choong and sister Judy Choong
 Ok so Judy is his mother
 Cassandra with her big boobs which impress me so much
 So I took close-up of her cleavage for the benefit of all wankers
 Sofia, Datin Su and Nora Marzuki
The Albanian ambassador HE Idriz Konjari, Iris Tan and Kee Hua Chee in mustache suit to fit Great Gatsby look
Hot men led by Arthur Tan at left
Hot car led by Mercedes-Benz
Hot men and hot women
Sexy men and sexy women chasing after them since the ladies are older than the male models
Kee Hua Chee, Winnie Loo and sexy Amelia Liew
Puan Sri Ong Liling looks like virgin while Datin Reese Tiara covers her lap as she knows I like to photograph her panties
Puan Sri Ong Liling, Kee Hua Chee and Patricia

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