Monday, March 31, 2014


"Art in Paradise" is Pattaya's top attraction among tourists and locals since it is impossible to visit "Art in Paradise" and complain of boredom!

This interactive gallery is actually 100% static as the wall paintings are totally flat without any protrusions or gimmicks. Yet due to the ingenious and devious interplay of colours, shading and especially shadows, the images appear to come to live as they are painted in super-realism style.

Part of the three-dimensional effect is caused by painting the images on BOTH wall and floor so each image seems seamless when you stand next to it.

Enuf said! Just looKEE at these images!

 Andy Lim runs for his life from T.Rex
 Kee Hua Chee pours wine for one of the gleaners from famous painting 'The Gleaners" by Millet
 Now you know it was Kee Hua Chee who painted the Mona Lisa
 This is really wild and wacky! A framed mirror provides the amazing opportunity for these teenagers to stand in front of each other and pretend to pose in identical manner!
 They look like they are staring at themselves in the mirror but each kid is simply standing in front of each other! Effectively hilarious yet lowtech!
 This is really cool and hilarious!
 Whacking the head of a Pterodactyl 
 This one not so effective or  funny as they are too far wrong!
 This pair more funny
 I would do this too and jump to catch the leg of a Pterodactyl! 
 Since when can you do this to a dino
 Very nearly sliced
 Kee Hua Chee is frightened by T.Rex and who wouldn't?
 Andy Lim takes photo of T.Rex before he is devoured
 What a flaming faggot
 Scared izit
 Kee Hua Chee tries to birdnap baby as mother Pterodactyl comes screaming angrily
 Rusli Wahab taking historic photo of Pterodactyl 
 Apple and Rusli Wahab sailing romantically on gondola in Venice
 Happy honeymoon
 This is amazing! Both are only 15 feet apart!
 Sensational optical illusion of Fariz scolding Rusli Wahab but each is 15 feet away from each other!
 Apple begs giant Andy Lim for forgiveness---if you notice, I did not adjust my camera perfectly as the chair is not properly aligned!
 An artist creating new attraction!
 Tom Thumb!
 Caught inside a giant hourglass!
 Giant Andy Lim taking photo of petrified Apple begging for her life
 This is the overall view!
 Looks so real it's surreal but this diorama consists if miniatures less than 3 inches but when photographed, the scene looks super real!
 Perching on iceberg with penguin!
 Hugging a penguin is good
 Even monks in saffron robes enjoy some secular fun
 Monks on first floor
 Emerging from Ayutthaya
 This monk prays to image of Buddha
 He really is praying
 A monk praying
 Monks crossing the waterfall on log!
 This kid is about to fall
 Meditating on lotus leaf
 Monks crossing waterfall
 Fear not
 Arch of Ayutthaya 
 Ballet show off
 This is how the details are painted!
 Still at it

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