Friday, March 28, 2014


I must have been a street vendor ot bazaar stall holder in my last life (but I think I was a Bodhisattva) as I love night markets and weekend markets in general! So on the third night I went to Shilin Night Market with Princess Dr Becky Leogardo and her son Daniel who is the most handsome and smartest 6 year old in observable universe.

Princess Dr Becky Leogardo and Daniel stayed for less than an hour and went back to The Sherwood hotel but I of course stayed on till 12.30 am and that was a solid three and half hours!

 Daniel won a little prize worth RM 1 but his mother had to pay RM 10 for him to throw darts at the balloons!
 But he liked it
 I still love the fruit stalls
 Queuing for popular snacks
 Basic fun
 Christmassy entrance
 Take your pick
Taiwan's pop stars all sport the famous K-Pop hairdo
Hair today, hair tomolo
Shoe show
Kids' clothes
I like the Polynesian sounding name
Back massage using pellets
Nice shorts
4 eyes
Night life
Makeshift temple stage

Ornate temple arch
I love these Ts
Hip men
Interesting stalla
Attractively displayed
Nice name
Doing a selfie
Fish game
Taking her child out for a night stroll
Mummy and her darling child
 I love his blonde hair!
 So de cool
 So well coloured, groomed and coiffed!
 Reminds me of the hair of Dedione my darling poodle
 Here are garments and accessories for all the Dediones in the world as I call all dogs Dedione after my darling poodle
 All these for dogs
 Slightly unnerving signage
 foodie haven
 Sizzling shirt
 Lookee at the darling poodle, same breed and colour as my Dedione---note the running bowl of constantly fresh water! Crazy luxury!
 This poodle has matching antlers!
 I love this suit
 Stylish look and very very well priced!
 The 'N' is in reverse but I love it
 Back massage
 Shilin Night market
 For heros
 Looks like Christmas
 Girley stuff
 So cutesy
 Colourful hair bands
 Funky stuff
 Another mother taking her children out for a stroll!
 The darlings!
 Food stalls do roaring trade
 Local cuisine
 Long queue for a popular stall
 I was astonished by this old monk in full regalia
 Looks like he came from the past
 He was pushing his wheelchair
 All hunched and old but eye catching, many gave him cash
 Taoist priest
 Very de Japanese cute
 This guy is like a rock star
 His food stall is famous
 He is a showman!
 Dog attire
 The coolest doggie in Taipei!
 Looks like a pop star!
 He is the best sleeping advert for his owner's pet attire store
 Look at his pose!
 Super cool!
 He wears a funky, thorny pouch on his back containing his essentials
 He is oblivious to the world
 That is his owner and the funky dog pouches
 Last lookee at the darlee!
 Osama bin Laden moonshines as model
 adidas is Taiwan's favorite sports shoes!
 Back to Osama bin Laden!
 Funky modern pharaoh 
 French for 'Haute Couture Is Dead', so true
 Hot girls
 Even the streets are lined with goods
 The golden monk again
 Combing your unruly hair
 Too many 'i's
 So de handsome Alba's ambassador
 The middle of the road makes good selling space
 Shilin is Taipei's best night market
 This could be garments sold in 101 at 10 times the price
 Comfy wear on planes!
 This is the Wealth Luck HQ!
FU too

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