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"Muay Thai Live---The Legend Lives" is the latest bigscale, full fledged show at Asiatique in Bangkok. Tickets range from RM 120 to RM 150 but is worth every baht! Trust me, it will be the most entertaining one and half hour ever!

The show is created and directed by Ekachai Uekrongtham, the artistic director of Action Theatre in Singapore. There is plenty of swashbuckling action which is expected but how he managed to round up such a talented crew is totally unexpected but maybe not as Thailand is full of amazing talents!

+66 2262 3456 or +66 2 1085 999

Unlike 'Calypso' which is a sensational transvestite show which also costs RM 150, the actors and performers in "Muay Thai Live" really have to train and work their asses off each night as you can see from heavy panting and nonstop sweat! Even I can perform in "Calypso" as all I need is make-up, wig and fabulous costumes but the actors in "Muay Thai LIve" need skills attainable only after years of training in boxing camp!

There is no room for mistakes or missteps as a faulty punch or somersault can result in painful, physical damage! I almost fainted when the Muay Thai fighters leaped from an elevated platform onto the stage without breaking every single bone as I am bound to do so should I attempt!

These Thai actors are real, trained Muay Thai fighters as you cannot simply audition for a role armed with boxing gloves and a certificate from the nearest Drama and Acting Academy! I can easily remember my dance steps in any drag show because few will notice my mistakes due to my feather boa and sequins but I really salute the boxers in "Muay Thai Live" as they must have taken months to practise, rehearse and perfect their steps as getting accidentally kicked in the face or anywhere on the body is bound to be painful!

The Muay Thai fighters are also brilliant stuntmen worthy of the best Hollywood can produce!

Even more unbelievable, those playing the role of hero in "Muay Thai Live" also happen to be tall, handsome and with a body to die for! I would have thought it is nigh impossible to find a Muay Thai actor who actually looks like a movie star but have fought in the ring before! I would have been satisfied to see ugly fighters who can really box, punch and kick but to see young, tall and handsome men doing so really floored me! My pals almost had to call the ambulance as I was gasping for breath!

The main star named Azrel also happened to work in Malaysia in local films! Astonishing!

Despite the name, there are no modern Muay Thai boxing using gloves as the emphasis is on ancient Muay Thai and its historic, mythic origins. The modern take is about a handsome modern day young man rescuing his girlfriend fro thus wearing contemporary jeans and T-shirts!

This show is highly recommended and I challenge anyone to 15 rounds in Muay Thai boxing ring if he comes out from "Muay Thai Live" and complains it is a lousy show!

Golden polystyrene figures of Muay Thai boxers
You see this as you climb the staircase to see the show
The poster as no photography is allowed inside the theatre as flashes can distract the fighters and cause them to have accidents
After the show the fighters will pose for you and unlike the drag queens, do not ask for money! So they get more admiration from me!
Kee Hua Chee amid the fighters!
Kee Hua Chee loves Muay Thai fighters!
Kee Hua Chee and Muay Thai fighters have brains, body, brawn and beauty! Oh!
Look at their bodies! These are real boxers who fought in matches
Cheng and Rozita join the hunky boys and I know what they desire!
Rusli Wahab is taller than all of them so he can beat them,...maybe
Big fight
This sexy hunk is tall, dark and handsome and he plays the role of a hero!
Azrel looks like a hero and he is but he is also an accomplished, professional Muay Thai boxer so he has boxing skills as well as brawns and body!
Any girl and a few guys would love to wrestle with him in bed
Hot, sexy and handsome, what else you want? And he speaks English too since he has worked in Malaysian movies!
I told him to remove his clothes but he only agreed to take off his shirt but not his pants
Now he is even more sexy and gorgeous!
Every inch of his hot bod is solid, taut and firm as I pressed every part of his body except lan chiau
Kee Hua Chee wisely covers up his 6-packs 
Azrel has 6-packs from Muay Thai gym while Kee Hua Chee has a backpack from Louis Vuitton
He is the hottest Muay Thai hunk in all Thailand
He joins the cast of performers of "Muay Thai Live"
Hot! Sizzling! Breathtaking! 
Wow look at their bodies
This guy also plays the role of modern day hero rescuing his gf
Fair, tall and handsome!
2 Muay Thai fighters?
His body is also to die for
This guy was off the night I went so he made me promise to return to see him in action
He also looks like movie star!
So matching these 2 fighters
I tickled him to make him smile
Look at his sexy loin cloth
Kee Hua Chee aspires to be a Muay Thai boxer in his next life
So sexy
The olden day fighters wrapped their fists with hemp cloth instead of leather gloves
This guy sizzles!
Look like bros
We are the champions!

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