Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Le Meridien is one of the world's best known chain of affordable hotels and Le Meridien Mauritius is no different. At RM 600 depending on high or low or middle season, it offers excellent value and is perfect for families with kids. The pool is custom made for children and adults and it offers facilities similar to a 5-star hotel though it is a 4-star hotel. It even has a spa and massage centre staffed with experts. My room came with an elephnat!

OK so the elephant was actually 2 towels folded and wrapped to resemble a pachyderm and I love this cute, whimsy touch!

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+603 6203 9881

Lobby is vast and cheerful
Serene Buddha
Buddha is from Bali I am sure
Poolside cafe and bar
Huge pool
Pool for fun
So nice
Phoenix is the best beer in Mauritius
Cheers to Phoenix
Mauritius has some of the best beaches on earth
Casual dining
Food by the sea
Le Meridien is built for families
Cheers and good food
My tub and bedroom
This design is great!
My tub and bedroom
I could shower and admire the beach while soaking in my tub!
My elephant on my bed!
A whimsical and amusing touch!
View from my room
The T is for keeps
I love my elephant
My tub had clawed feet
Looks like a poster but that was my tub and bedroom via a picture frame!
Cool pool
Infinity pool
Optical illusion of pool and sea merging!
Sea and sand and pool merge!
Swimmers soaking in sunset
What a life
This is the life
Kee Hua Chee went floral
Kee Hua Chee caused a sensation with his fashion and Mauritius is still recovering
Glam beachbum
Pool cafe
Looks fake but is REAL
Sexy Mauritian dance!
Reminds me of Hawaii, Caribbean or Polynesia but this is Mauritius!
The guys sang and played traditional musical instruments
I was bowled over! I enjoyed every minute!
I don't need to caption the rest of my photos! A picture tells a 1,000 words!

I dunno why I kept shooting her backside! Wrong timing!

Front at last!
Oops back again

The troupe leader!
The musical instruments were basic but effective

Now it is the turn of the guests to dance!
There they go!
Jimmy Chuang, Malkit Singh, Prabakaran, Prakash and Azli show how it is done
That's the way
Stella Ch'ng and Kee Hua Chee were the sexiest dancers and dressed for the occasion too in floral outfits!
Best dancers!
Stella Ch'ng and Kee Hua Chee let their fingers do the talking

Ornamental pool
I love this
Sexy gym instructor
Hot bod
Foot bath
Pretty petals
Buddha be!
Indian style spa pool
Azli in treatment area

Massage beds with videos! First time I have ever seen these! Fantastic idea!
This is in Le Meridien, not some fancy 5-star hotel! What a brilliant idea! All spas should copy this!
Indian oil treatment
Foot bath
Outdoor massage

There is a statue here!
Cool pool
Relax here!
Unlax here
What a view
This is the life
Cool or what
Ketan Hazareesingh looks like Bollywoodc star but he works at Starwood 
Anyday now he will be jetting to Mumbai to launch new career as actor to replace the ageing Sharukh Khan
Last look
Le Meridien!

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