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But not all are as blessed as me. Those who did not enjoy the personal intercession and intervention by Buddha and Kuanyin will have to settle for Clinique's skincare. All it takes is ringgit which is not so bad.

Clinique's Damage Eraser has now won 68 awards!
RM 245 for 30 ml and RM 340 for 50 ml
Power couple EBC and EB Makeup.jpg
Power couple EBC and EB Makeup.jpg

Introducing The Damage Eraser – Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector

In the past year, Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector has truly become a global phenomenon.  It addresses a specific skin care concern that affects millions of women of different ethnicities. With worldwide recognition, including 58 awards and strong consumer ratings and reviews, Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector is Clinique’s most successful launch to date. In fact, one Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector is sold every 11 seconds around the world.

The tremendous success of Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector has fueled greater global interest, especially among savvy Asian consumers. To meet this demand, Clinique is introducing Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector in Asia to give consumers what they want - a highly effective yet gentle skin tone correcting product that is appropriate for year round use.  In fact, Hong Kong was the first Asian market to launch Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector and the response has already been overwhelming.  And as whitening first originated in Asia years ago, Clinique is bringing the concept back to where it all began. 

So why is Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector a huge success? The powerful formula effectively helps fade the appearance of dark spots, age spots and discolourations due to aging, years of accumulated sun damage, environmental assaults, and past blemish marks, to reveal a more uniformly radiant complexion. A verified 53% improvement in skin tone after using Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector for 12 weeks.

One difference – this “damage eraser” is gentle enough for year round use and non-irritating and ideal for skins that cannot tolerate other skin brightening treatments.

As an authority in skin care and a leading dermatological brand, Clinique firmly believes that a custom-fit, multi-pronged approach is the best way to achieve brighter, more even-toned and radiant skin. Clinique’s Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector combats facial discolouration at various levels.  Our core ingredients help prevent the appearance of new dark spots, visibly break up existing pigmentation as it clusters on the skin and when the broken up clusters disperse into melanin “dust,” will gently exfoliate and whisk away revealing brighter, luminous skin. 

Clinique’s patented CL-302 complex features a plant-derived technology that is clinically proven to significantly improve evenness of skin tone, radiance and clarity. The CL-302 complex consists of five synergistic brightening ingredients, including:
Ÿ  A rare botanical extract originally derived from Dianella Ensifolia (Border Silver), which originates in Southeast Asia, helps dramatically reduce and prevent the appearance of uneven, pigmented skin.  Additionally, this potent antioxidant molecule helps protect skin against free radical damage
Ÿ  Glucosamine and Salicylic Acid provide exfoliation benefits to help normalize cell turnover and assist the departure of surface pigmented skin cells for renewed clarity and brighter skin.
Ÿ  A potent Vitamin C derivative, Ascorbyl Glucoside, helps reduce the appearance of dark spots.
Ÿ  Blackout Yeast Extract provides effective brightening results by visibly breaking up large clusters of pigment at the skin’s surface into microscopic particles that are diffused throughout the skin, helping to diminish the appearance of uneven skin tone.

Uneven skin tone affects all skin types and tones and Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector shows effective results. Improvement in skin clarity and radiance are immediately noticeable. Overtime, skin is more even-toned and uniformly radiant. Even stubborn dark spots will see improvement in as little as four weeks.

True to Clinique’s heritage, Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector offers visible results in a gentle formula. This lightweight, layerable serum can be used for extended periods of time without the irritation, redness, dryness and uneven blotches some prescriptions may cause. Skin is left silky, smooth and soft.

Additional powerful ingredients in Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector which help to contribute to the reduction of discolouration caused by hyperpigmentation include:
Ÿ  Curcuma Longa Turmeric Root Extract and Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract are powerful antioxidants that help fend against environmental assaults that can off set excess melanin production.
Ÿ  The anti-irritant Glycyrrhetinic Acid helps protect against the visible effects of irritation caused by external stimuli or stress by soothing and calming skin.  

Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector is effective on all skin types and ethnicities. Apply twice a day after 3-Step Skin Care Regimen. Spread evenly over the entire face, avoiding the immediate eye area.

Allergy Tested. 100% Fragrance Free. Oil-Free. Non-Acnegenic. Dermatologist Tested. Ophthalmologist Tested.

Priced at RM 245 for 30 ml and RM 340 for 50ml.

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