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James Bond Ocean Royale_packshot (2) (2).jpg

Your muscles too weak, tubby flabby and your spindly arms can barely carry a backpack let alone six-packs?

All is not lost.

You may be too short, fat and ugly to pass off as James Bond but at least now you can smell like him!

Yes, introducing the new James Bond perfume, the first legal, official scent approved by MI5!

This is the 50th anniversary of James Bond, the world's longest running movie franchise so a fragrance named in his honour is in order and high time too!

Strangely the name of the James Bond perfume is not 'James Bond' but 'Ocean Royale' though its full name is 'James Bond 007 Ocean Royale'. 

Why 'Ocean Royale"? Beats me. Movie-goers will automatically think 'Ocean Royale' is an amalgam of the hit movies 'Ocean Eleven' and 'Casino Royale'. 

'Ocean Eleven' has nothing to do with James Bond but 'Casino Royale' released in 2006 is the first to star Daniel Craig as James Bond. So the perfume should simply be called 'Casino Royale' since Daniel Craig is still playing James Bond.

Mind you, the first 'Casino Royale' film was released way way back in 1967! It starred David Niven as the 'original' James Bond and was loosely based on Ian Fleming's first novel of the same name! But the 1967 spoof is not an official James Bond movie by EON so it does not count.

Anyway I also wonder what does seawater in the ocean has to do with James Bond who is not famous as a diver. 

But who cares as the scent smells great and dangerously so! However, the distributor has asked me to inform everyone though you will attract big-breasted women like bees to honey, you do NOT have a licence to kill!

To thrill yes, but no killing OK though you will be making a killing with the ladies.
James Bond Ocean Royale_packshot (2) (2).jpg
James Bond Ocean Royale_packshot (2) (2).jpg
Ocean Royale can be part of your arsenal
James Bond Ocean Royale_packshot (2) (2).jpg
I am all at sea as to why it is called Ocean Royale

James Bond 007 Ocean Royale fragrance for men

Inspiring a thrilling sense of adventure in every man

A revitalising new scent, James Bond 007 Ocean Royale offers a refreshing addition to the signature James Bond 007 fragrance for men, with a confidently adventurous twist. With an invigorating surge of freshness, this energising daytime fragrance harnesses the dangerous sophistication and uncompromising masculinity of the world’s favourite secret agent.

Ocean Royale’s aquatic notes take a dive into the exotic Caribbean Sea; a refreshing combination of sensual ingredients that is also richly masculine.

The Fragrance:
The fresh ingredients found in Ocean Royale add an adventurous twist to the Bond portfolio. The sea-breeze accord carries us to far away destinations, and the top notes of lime, aniseed and bergamot create an energising essence as stimulating as crisp sea-water. This bracing combination of ingredients helps men prepare for the adventure that lies ahead, providing them with the confidence they need to succeed.

Orris is used as a compelling and potent ingredient reflecting the dangerous sophistication that is associated with Bond’s character.

A rich sensuality is brought to life through refined Teak Wood that lies at the heart of the scent. The base notes further submerge us into Bond’s unmistakably masculine world, conjured by an array of intense and resilient woods - Guaiac and Cedar Wood are complemented by Sandalwood, an added elegance which takes Ocean Royale to new heights. Luxurious Tonka Bean and Jamaican Coffee accords add the finishing touch to this solid, masculine base. .

Will Andrews, member of the P&G Fragrance Design Team, comments “It has been very exciting creating the new addition to the James Bond 007 fragrance family. Ocean Royale is a cool scent combined with confident sophistication and invigorating freshness. It is the essence of Bond’s adventurous side yet still exudes the classic and cultivated charm for which we know and love Bond.”

The Inspiration:
For half a century, James Bond has captured the imagination of the world with his masculinity, charm, and elegance. A figure admired by men and desired by women around the world, Bond’s invigorating sense of adventure is harnessed in Ocean Royale. This new addition to the dangerously sophisticated James Bond 007 fragrance portfolio is a lavishly reviving fragrance that enables men to take on the day ahead with cool, calm confidence and sophistication.

The Packaging:
Ocean Royale maintains the timeless design famed by the debut James Bond 007 fragrance. The sleek mesh-textured glass flacon, an ode to the luxury of Bond’s world, is this time presented in cool sea blue, perfectly represents the fresh and invigorating essence of the scent encased within. The ‘twist’ cap revealing the fragrance nozzle continues to reflect Bond’s indispensable, state-of-the-art gadgets with the 007 logo maintaining its presence at the forefront of the bottle design.

The Campaign:
The campaign for Ocean Royale, building on the James Bond 007 Signature fragrance campaign, captures Bond’s authentic style with an air of intrigue and mystique. Shot by renowned 007 photographer Greg Williams, the ‘face’ of the Ocean Royale campaign remains hidden in the shadows, creating a silhouette reminiscent of the Bond movies’ famous title sequences.

A sense of Bond’s cool, effortless confidence is exuded in the campaign, providing an insight into his sense of exploration and adventure which all men aspire to.

The Line-up
Eau de Toilette 50ml RM97
Eau de Toilette 75ml RM147
Eau de Toilette 125ml RM197
Deo Stick 75ml RM48
Deo Spray 150ml RM39

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