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A small town located in Klang, a rogue named Te Sai unknowingly stole a ring during a memorial ceremony of a group of gangster. The ring hosts three ghosts (the former gangster leaders) and the three ghosts haunt Te Sai. Te Sai soon finds out that the three gangster leaders were killed by a traitor (Ewan) with his personal agenda that will threatened the decades of unity between three groups. With the guidance from three ghosts, Te Sai must do what he cans to unify the gang and avoid a tragedy that may result in deaths of many innocent people.

HANTU GANGSTER  ( Namewee  Film 2012)

Producer                                : Prodigee Media / UB Prodigee Entertainment

Director                                  : Namewee

Executive Producer               : Fred Chong

Genre                                      : Horror Comedy Drama

Country / Area                        : Malaysia (Klang/Ulu Ngiam)

Background                            : Late 90's, around Klang area.

Dialogue : Malay language as the main language, but also using Mandarin, Cantonese,  
                  Hokkien and English as supporting language for the movie.

Duration : 80-90 minutes

Genre :
The background of the story tells about a group of gangsters from three different races who lives in Klang city. The story portrays Klang city as a place full with gangsters fights. Plus, the story also relates all the major culture and spirit between the community in a funny and humorous way.

The main idea of this movie is to use the ghost as a main attraction which in the same time, also tells the violence of gangster groups. So we came up with a movie with the characteristics of horror, tense, exciting, funny and humorous.

Story Frame

In a small city located in Klang, lives a hooligan name Te Sai. He once stole a relic ring in a malay gangster funeral and since then he was disturbed by three ghost (former gangster leaders) who came out from the ring. The three former gangster leaders were killed by a traitor which involves a large plot.

The three ghosts who lost their mind trying every effort to get Te Sai to help their sons to get away from danger and to stop the disaster which will result in many people getting killed and died.

This story calls for the spirit of national unity and to stop conflict and arguments. As in the movie, the three groups used to lives in peace for decades, but now they're fighting with each other and having their own agenda.

Will Te Sai be able to change the situation? Can he make the three group of gangsters back to reality with the help of the three ghosts?

Actor Characteristic :

Te Sai (actor selected; Namewee) 27 years old

27 years old, an ignorant person who likes to show off and not trusted by others. He doesn't have a job and goes to the police station very often because of getting caught for stealing. He has a child aged 12 years old who is very responsible and independent. Te Sai falls in love to his son's Malay teacher and that changed Te Sai's behavior, he was inspired and became spirited.

Ewan (actor selected: Farid Kamil) 25-30 years old

The successor of the Malay gangster group lead by Bang Nasir. Ewan is a malicious person. In fulfilling his desire to be the chief gangster and to seize the throne from the other two groups, he killed Ah Hua, Arulkumar and even his own step-father, Bang Nasir. He aims to expand his powers by confiscating more area. He tries to pursuit Bang Nasir's daughter, Jameela but failed when his plan was spoiled by Te Sai.

Jameela (actor selected: Diana Danielle) 24 years old

A primary school teacher who also class teacher of Chee Meng(Te Sai's son). Jameela is a young beautiful Malay girl who is a serious person and has a good personality. She cares about her students alot ; Especially Chee Meng after she found out about his family condition. Te Sai fell in love with Jameela after meeting with her. Surprisingly, she is the daughter of the former Malay gangster leader, Bang Nasir, and also sister to current Malay gangster leader.

Bang Nasir (actor selected: Dato Jalaluddin Hassan) 70 years old

The first gangster group formed in Klang – former Malay gangster leader who is smart, brave and open minded. He was killed by his assistant Ewan. Together with the soul of former Chinese gangster leader and former Indian gangster leader who was also murdered, they've finally found someone who's able to help them, namely Te Sai.

Uncle Hua (actor selected: Charlie Loke Wing Kai) 70 years old

Chinese gangster leader, close friend of Bang Nasir and Arulkumar, since they are young. With the help of his best friends, he successfully built up his Chinese gangster empire. Later on, he suffers from Dementia. He hardly remembered where he kept all his property and due to that, his only son had no choice but to respect him. After he died, the soul of Uncle Hua remained sitting on a wheel chair due to Dementia.
Arulkumar (actor selected: Dato David Arumugam) 70 years old

Former Indian gangster, who like to drinks alcohol. After he was killed, Arulkumar still likes to drink beer.

Chee Meng (actor selected: Tee Jing Chen) 12 years old

Son of Te Sai and his girlfriend back then when he was only 14 years old. A primary school student who was abandoned by his mother since he was a baby and lives together with his father, Te Sai, who doesn't know how to take care of himself. Chee Meng is a hardworking boy, he does all the house works and also take care of his father. He frequently gives advice to his father. Chee Meng was choosen as a role student at school for his responsible character.

Parut - Malay gangster leader (actor selected: Taiyuddin Bakar) 26 years old

Son of Bang Nasir and brother of Jameela. After the death of his father, the coward characterized Parut tend to follow the guidance of Ewan, and was even forced to be a 'Black Sheep', the Malay gangster leader.

Ah Bao – Chinese gangster leader (actor selected: Bao) 44 years old

Son of Ah Hua, succeeding Ah Hua's work after he falls ill. Unfortunately Bao was unable to convince his father to tell him where he kept all his properties. Bao is a money-conscious person. His main job is selling drugs.

Seelan – Indian gangster leader (actor selected: Abu Bakar Siddiq) 38 years old

Son of Arulkumar.  A hot-tempered person who easily quarrel with others. He is not too loyal or serious about his followers but if they suffer from problems, he will go berserk and get his peoples to settle it. He works as a loan shark.

Ghost Commissioner – (actor selected: Amber Chia)

A mysterious person. Her main duty is to capture three of the former gangster leader's soul. The funny part is, only Te Sai alone able to see the Ghost Commissioner.


       Te Sai (Namewee) is a poor guy, his life depends on things that are stolen by him. Due to his job as a thief, he's often seen at the police station. Sometimes, even the police feel bored with his behaviour. He use to spent time in the jail together with other gangsters.

       He has a good and smart son – Chee Meng, who is currently 12 years old and studying in a primary school. This little kid is so independent that he even takes care of his father's life. Sometimes, people become confused with their role.

       This story happened in an urban city, near to a housing area.

       This city consist of three powerful groups (Malay gangster group, Chinese gangster group and Indian gangster group), where the Malay gangsters gets the majority power.

       They've been living peacefully and harmony amongst each other for decades. However, conflicts and fight starts to occur since the change of new head gangster. The lives of the residents become miserable and the place it's not safe anymore as how it used to be.

       It turned out this was a ploy by a person who will sooner or later reign the malay gangster – Ewan. Ewan have bad intentions where he plans to conquer and dominate the whole city by being in charge of all the three clans himself. He then murdered all the group leaders silently so that his plan could run smoothly.

       Deep in his heart, he knows that the peoples will only show their respect to someone who is mature and older. Therefore, after the death of Bang Nasir, Ewan had forced Bang Nasir's son (Parut), who is rabbit-hearted to be the successor of Bang Nasir. His main intention is to use Parut to run his evil plan.

       Te Sai came to the funeral ceremony of Bang Nasir, where there were a lot of other gangster groups who came in intention to take advantage. He successfully stole a relic ring belong to Bang Nasir and left the funeral. He never knew this relic ring will change his life for once and forever...

       Since stealing the relic ring, Te Sai faced some strange and creepy incident. Sometimes, he even heard the voice of an old Malay man, an old Chinese man, and also an old Indian man. With fear, he went to see the shaman, police officers, witch, priest but it all means nothing and couldn't help him.

       One day, he finally witnessed the emergence of the three former leader's soul who is Bang Nasir, Ah Hua, who has forgotten disease, and also Arulkumar, who's drunk all the time.

       Later, Te Sai began to accept the presence of the three ghost in his life. However, the behaviour and attitude of the three ghosts made him feeling bored with them. Te Sai is not willing to help them.

       One day, Chee Meng's teacher (Jameela) made a visit to Te Sai house to check out the condition of those students who applied for financial assistance. Te Sai was excited with the pretiness and gentleness of Jameela and fell in love to her. He became a wise and graceful person in front of Jameela.

       Unexpectedly, behind Jameela's prettiness and gentleness, she was actually the daughter of the former Malay gangster leader, Bang Nasir.

       As a condition for reaching Jameela, the three ghost has lure Te Sai to help them. They want Te Sai to prevent the fights between the groups of gangsters. They even tempt Te Sai to do dangerous things with money...

       In the next day, in order to stop Ewan's plan in creating a fight between the Chinese and Indian gangsters, Te Sai accidentally forgotten his promise to his son that he will be attending the graduation ceremony.

       Although Ewan's plan was well prevented by Te Sai, it did not stop Ewan's effort. He even tends to create an even bigger evil plan.

       The National day is just around the corner. On this historical day, the Malay, Chinese and Indian gangster groups have plotted a plan to launch a strike towards each other which might create bloodshed.

       The entire plot of the plan wasn't led by Ewan alone, even Te Sai, who at this moment have lost his desire and spirit to live, are aware about it but he was helpless.

       At this moment, the ghost appear before Te Sai bringing him a bad news that Jameela, who bought Chee Meng out from the house, was kidnapped by Ewan's follower.  Ewan even plans to kill Jameela and Chee Meng, during the National Day celebration.

       Listening to this, Te Sai stare into the ghost's eye and decides to take this dangerous task...




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