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Kee Hua Chee and Quachee are of course dashingly sexy, tall and handsome and creatively clever with hot bods but here our similarities end.

I am delighted to introduce 'Summer Love, KL!' to one and all as this unique drama series was filmed entirely using the Iphone 4S! 

Is that a brilliant idea or what?
This is Quachee, not to be confused with Kee Hua Chee but of course witha blessed name like this, Quachee and Huachee are bound to be gorgeous and geniustic beyond compare
Winsome 3some; Arico, Quachee and Ben CMX
Arico arico1.JPG
Love chat done stylishly

Summer Love: KL!
A Series Shot Entirely On The Iphone 4s!

 How does a drama series shot entirely with the handphone sound? Well that is made possible with today's technology - and the iPhone to be precise.

The trio of Superboyz.TV - QuaChee, Arico and Ben CMX has gotten together to film the online drama series (web series) Summer Love: KL! using non other than just the iPhone 4s.

“I have always believed in phone cameras, and have been shooting photos with them since a few years
back. Many of my friends wouldn’t have guessed that the photos are from the phone,” says QuaChee, the co-director and also one of the actors in the series.

“And so for this project, I thought we’d also try the video camera too. I believe the time now is right because
these phone cameras now come with very good features and quality.

QuaChee managed to persuade his teammates to try out shooting with the iPhone. And so, he and Arico went to buy new phones for the project.

Next, the guys went on to buy the right equipments for the video shoot.

"We bought products like the steadicam (stabilizer) and adapters. We also bought a portable external battery
backup,” says Arico, the co director and main video editor for the series.

The shoot for the 5 episode series took 4 full days with the main crew being the trio themselves.

There weren’t many issues faced with the phones. In fact, it was easier for them to shoot in the busy streets,
as many passersby just thought of them as tourists.

The outcome of the videos has been awed by their friends and fans. Many were surprised of the quality of the videos - coming from just a phone camera.

Apart from the video shoot, the guys have also used other apps like iTalk to record the voice overs and
Phoster and Photoshake to create their teasers and posters.

On their future plans, the trio aims to create and produce more seasons of Summer Love covering other cities and destinations. And in between, they hope to produce other types of videos too - both for their fans and also for corporations who would like a cheaper alternative to video production.

Summer Love: KL! is a college love story set in the heart of the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. The story
revolves around 6 college students in a complicated love relationship.

But besides the love story, the guys also embed some unique and ‘cool’ hangout places, including some cafes and restaurants. The city’s double decker bus meant for tourists is also one of the highlights in the series.

"We want to come out with a story which showcase the coolness of the city - from cool hangouts spots to
good food," says QuaChee, co director of the series. QuaChee has previously produced a few projects
related to tourism.

The reason for KL (KL is the abbreviation for Kuala Lumpur) - as it's the 1st location that the guys would like to feature.. before moving on to other cities in the region for the future seasons.

"There's no better place to start off than from our own capital city.. and to be honest, there's a lot to love
about the city, if only we know more about it. And that's what we hope to show in this series".

One more interesting point to note on the series is that the guys are also composing their own original songs
for it. This is headed by Ben CMX, who has the music background of the piano, violin and also the er hu.
In this series he composes 3 songs - of which has 3 different types of genres. There's the more urban style
(Western influenced) theme song, a Chinese inspired sad song, and a K-pop inspired dance song. All 3
songs are in English.

"The music direction of the series is to give it a young and youthful feel.. and something that meets both East
and West" says Ben CMX.

"For this, we have carefully selected the singers to fit the songs. It will be an interesting mix".

As to how successful the series or the songs will be, the guys are hoping for the best.. using social media
to promote the series. This is spearheaded by QuaChee, who on his day time job, helps plan and strategise
online marketing for brands and companies.

The series have just been launched online, and is available at their YouTube channel (YouTube.com/
superboyztv) and on their Facebook (Facebook.com/SummerLoveSeries). Each week, 1 episode will be


It’s Very Much An Online & iPhone Project!
1. The whole series has been shot with the iPhone 4s.
2. The voice overs of the casts were recorded using the app - iTalk.
3. The posters of the series has been created with the app - Phoster.
4. The series is shown online - via YouTube.
5. Apart from the official website, the team uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and blogs to share
about their progress of the series.
6. The team created 5 video teasers and 5 countdown posters.
7. The trio raised money for the production of their songs through through Mystartr.com - a local
crowdfunding platform similar to that of Kicsktarter. The trio successfully aised more than 185% that they
initially requested.

About Superboyz.tv
3 guys with a passion for the media industry - QuaChee, Arico and Ben CMX have teamed up and call
themselves Superboyz.tv.
Their 1st project together is the web series Summer Love: KL!

QuaChee has a passion for both media and online media.
He has modeled for international brands over in Singapore and has acted in theatre and on TV. QuaChee is
also the finalist for Singapore’s Men’s Health.

Apart from being in front of the camera, QuaChee has published a few books (Batik Inspirations, 50+1
Malaysia) and co produced a web series – The Big Bibik and The Little Nyonyas. He has also produced an online talent show to search for a Youth Ambassador - under Project and O.

His passion for the media and online media industry has brought him back to Kuala Lumpur, where he
continues to pursue his interests in these fields.
QuaChee has been featured as Inspiring Young Malaysian and KL’s Top 20.

Arico got himself into the media and advertising industry by ‘accident’ – with the reason to find out all about the industry.

His experience include talent scouting and matching candidates to clients’ requirements.

Arico is fortunate to work with some really nice people such as Julie Woon, Qi Razali and a few other
Malaysian celebrities.

He has also been involved in Fashion and Model industry, and also TV productions.

Ben’s world revolves around music. His love of music was evident from the age of seven, learning the piano
which progressed to classical training.

During high school, he has been adventuring into jazz/pop and learned the violin, where he played and
performed in events.

While he has a quick sight to read music, his real talent is the ability to improvise a song after only hearing it,
resulting in his versatility as a session keyboardist.

Ben has also been composing lately – with a flair for Kpop inspired songs. Ben’s passion for composing
music excites him to create the score for Summer Love: KL!

Public dancing at Publika
Lovey dovey scene with quachee and object of his affection
Arico and love interest
Quachee and gf

Summer Love KL!

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