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Presenting the Senheng Samsung Junior Badminton Scholarship programme! 

Since London 2012 was his last shot at getting gold, we have to look to the future though we are NOT putting Datuk Lee Chong Wei to pasture to spend his old age musing over the loss.

But we need to train the new batch of Chong Weis!

Datuk Lee Chong Wei is only 30 and even younger than me so he has plenty of mileage left in him! Already there is a sports centre named after him---Lee Chong Wei Sports Arena in Taman Sri Sentosa 2!

To this noble end, we must thank Senheng and Samsung, 2 powerhouses in their respective fields. One in household electronics and the other in, well, worldclass electronics!

These two are investing RM 1.1 million over 3 years in search of new, young and talented junior Chong Weis to continue our quest for Gold!


1)  Objectives

In 2010, Samsung and Senheng announced their collaboration on a multi-year programme that aims to find Malaysia’s next generation of badminton talent. This programme is aligned with the aspirations of Malaysia to re-build its leadership in this sport.

Now entering its second year, the programme aims to source and recruit the 10 junior badminton players as beneficiaries of the scholarship. 

A media event was organised to announce:
1.       The 2nd year of the Senheng Samsung Junior Badminton Scholarship to identify 10 young talents for the three-year scholarship and training programme
2.       The appointment of Cheah Soon Kit as Chief Coach of Looi Badminton Academy
3.       The establishment of the Badminton Academy at Lee Chong Wei Sports Arena
4.       The inaugural MCE Cup badminton tournament
5.       The inaugural Pro-Am badminton tournament

As part of the overall story, updates from Year 1 will be included.


Spokespersons & Focus Areas

Key Focus Areas
Mr. Kwon Jae Hoon
Managing Director
Samsung Malaysia Electronics
·         Samsung’s commitment to the partnership
·         Samsung’s sports sponsorship activities in Malaysia and worldwide.
Mr. Lim Kim Heng
Founder and Managing Director
Senheng (KL)

·         Senheng’s commitment to the partnership
·         Senheng’s sports sponsorship activities in Malaysia.

“The Story We Want To Tell”

Senheng and Samsung lob higher in Year 2 junior badminton tournament
Cheah Soon Kit appointed as chief coach
Two additional challenge trophies to encourage wider interest
Kuala Lumpur, 28 October 2011 – For the second consecutive year, Senheng Electric (KL) Sdn. Bhd. and Samsung Malaysia Electronics Sdn. Bhd. are joining forces as title sponsors of the Senheng-Samsung Junior Badminton Tournament.
Both companies are raising the bar on this year’s tournament, aiming to attract double the number of youngsters from 2010 to achieve a Malaysian Book of Records feat. Between 2nd and 4th December, approximately 3,000 aspiring badminton professionals will take part in the championship at Lee Chong Wei Sports Arena. 
Established last year, the Senheng-Samsung Junior Badminton Tournament also seeks to identify the next generation of professionals players who will re-capture Malaysia’s badminton glory days in the years ahead. To this end, former national player and doubles coach, Cheah Soon Kit, has been appointed as the coach at the Looi Badminton Academy, which is now formally set up at Lee Chong Wei Sports Arena.
In conjunction with the junior tournament, two new challenge trophies have been added to the programme: the Malaysia Consumer Electronics Cup (MCE Cup); and the Pro-Am challenge.  The inaugural Pro-Am tournament will be by invitation, pairing corporate executives with Malaysia’s national and professional badminton players.
Both Samsung and Senheng are involved in sports events and sports sponsorship, and are committed to nurture Malaysia’s young talents in sports.

Samsung Overarching Story:

Samsung is the world’s largest consumer electronics company and Malaysia is a key market for us. Samsung continues to support sports excellence and encourages the youth of Malaysia to take up sports and follow the examples of our brand ambassador and academy ambassador, Dato’ Lee Chong Wei. Through sports, you can develop qualities such as discipline, commitment, determination and excellence.

  1. Senheng-Samsung Badminton Talent Scholarship is a long-term commitment from Samsung to ensure the success of the programme. This is to support the continuity of success of Malaysian badminton achievements.

  1. Samsung highlights sports sponsorship as an essential component to our community outreach and marketing programme. Our sports sponsorship is based on our corporate values that celebrate peace, encourage sportsmanship and promote unity.

  1. Samsung is aligned with the government’s goal to build a sports culture in Malaysia, and continue the heritage of Malaysian professional badminton players that will re-capture the country’s place as a world leader in the sport.

Senheng story:
As Malaysia’s leading consumer electronics retailer, Senheng is proud and honoured to play an active role in building Malaysia’s sports culture. We believe sports can be a great unifier, and that we can achieve great things as a nation. Badminton is a game much loved and enjoyed by Malaysians from all walks of life, and together with Samsung, we want o ensure a continuous feed of young Malaysians who aspire to be our next champions.  

Q and A with Samsung
1.       Why are you collaborating with Senheng on this sponsorship for the second consecutive year?
Samsung and Senheng share a common vision to both improve and encourage sportsmanship and at the same time, to simultaneously promote unity within the community. We have been committed business partners for the past 20 years, sharing similar community visions and this collaboration is an extension of that partnership and direction. We also firmly believe that sports can be a unifying force that breaks down cultural barriers and fosters greater friendships and understanding among youths in Malaysia.

2.       How is Samsung involved in this badminton championship?
Samsung is the joint title sponsor of Senheng-Samsung Junior Badminton Championship. As such,  Senheng and Samsung will provide sponsorship for the championship and ‘Badminton Talent Scholarship’ for 10 players.

3.       What is the Senheng-Samsung Badminton Talent Scholarship?
The Senheng-Samsung Badminton Talent Scholarship is a scholarship given to 10 talented players. It is a full-time badminton training programme by LooiBA. We hope that these 10 scholarship winners will show their very own Samsung spirit, overcoming obstacles, continually evolving and eventually delighting millions of Malaysians, keeping our rich heritage of badminton successes going.

4.       What is the value of the sponsorship?
We will not be disclosing the value of our investment; however, what I can tell you is that we are fully committed to the programme and its success.

5.       Why sponsor a junior badminton championship?
Badminton is a popular sport in Malaysia. It is also one of the sports Malaysia excels in. Hence, we believe that it is important to ensure continued success of Malaysia’s badminton achievements.

6.       Why is Samsung sponsoring youth sports compared to other activities?
Samsung hopes to contribute towards cultivating an outstanding generation of athletes that personify the values of excellence, friendship and respect. We also firmly believe that sports can be a unifying force that breaks down cultural barriers and fosters greater friendships and understanding among youth of different nations.

7.       How does Samsung measure the returns for sports sponsorship?
We believe that our effort in developing a better tomorrow with our sports sponsorship is immeasurable. Therefore, as global market leader, it is our responsibility to reach out to our community. We serve to increase the quality of life through our products and sponsoring a tournament like this will certainly help to promote our CSR philosophy in line with our corporate values.

Q & A with Senheng
1.       Why did you choose to work with Samsung?
Samsung and Senheng share a common vision to improve and encourage sportsmanship while promoting unity within society. We have been committed partners throughout the past 20 years. We also believe that sports can be a unifying force that breaks down cultural barriers and fosters greater friendships and understanding among youths in Malaysia.

2.       What are Senheng’s roles and responsibilities as the title sponsor?
Like Samsung, Senheng is the joint title sponsor of Senheng-Samsung Junior Badminton Championship. As such, we will provide sponsorship for the championship and ‘Badminton Talent Scholarship’ for 10 players.

3.       What do you hope to achieve from this sponsorship?
We would like to raise a generation of youths with good sportsmanship. We hope to cultivate an outstanding generation of athletes that lives on values of excellence, friendship and respect. We also firmly believe that sports can be a unifying force that breaks down cultural barriers and fosters greater friendships and understanding among youth of different nations.

4.       How much does the sponsorship cost?
The sponsorship amounts to RM1.1 million over 3 years.

About Senheng-Samsung Junior Badminton Championship

1.       What is the Senheng-Samsung Junior Championship about?
The championship is a tournament for junior badminton talents hosted by Looi Badminton Academy (LooiBA) for the second consecutive year, this year. This tournament will also serve as a scouting exercise for rising new talents in badminton for Malaysia. The tournament is supported by Ministry of Youth and Sports, Badminton Association of Malaysia, 1Belia Malaysia and Selangor Badminton Association.  It will be held from 2nd to 4th December at Lee Chong Wei Sports Arena.

About the championship tournaments:
Boys Singles under 11, 13, 15, 17
Girls Singles under 13, 17
Boys Doubles under 11, 13, 15, 17
Girls Doubles under 13, 17

Men Open Doubles
Women Open Doubles

Combined Age 90 years old
Combined Age 100 years old
Combined Age 110 years old

Beginner Open Double

Malaysia Consumer Electronic Cup
*Note:  Edelman suggests focusing on the youth categories.
*Special category

·         PRO means a PROFESSIONAL badminton player from any country to partner with an AMATEUR (by invitation only)
·         The AMATEUR must pay RM3,000 if he and doubles partner lose to the opposing doubles team; payment to be made to opponent’s PROFESSIONAL
·         The winning PROFESSIONAL will donate the RM3,000 to a charitable organisation
·         SENHENG and SAMSUNG will sponsor RM10,000 for the CHAMPIONS and RM5,000 for the finalist for this event
·         The purpose of this event is to attract more crowds to come and watch their idols play
Consumer Electronics Cup criteria:
Will be played as a TEAM EVENT category:-
1 Mixed Doubles
2 Men’s Doubles
1 Ladies' Single
1 Men’s Single
Total 64 Teams will participate
Total Prize Money RM10,000 for Champions
RM5,000 for Runners–up
Entry fees RM 5,000/brands (name list to be selected by Senheng)

2.       What are your targets for this championship this year?
This year, we aim to increase the participation for the championship by 60% from last year, which would mean, we will be reaching out to more than 2000 participants.
We hope to receive participation from youths not just in Malaysia, but from around the world as well.
We hope to be listed in the Malaysian Book of Records.

3.       What is the prize money?
The competition will award prizes valued at RM100,000, including the Prestigious SS Star Awards, to recognise players and coaches with a track record of success in Malaysian badminton. The awards include the Most Promising Sportsman Award, Sportsman of the Year, Coach of the Year, and the Golden Academy Awards.

 Awards List
U-11 & U-13
·         Champion – RM400 cash, Racquet RM500, Bag RM90, Medal, Certificate.
·         Finalist – RM200 cash, Racquet RM300, Bag RM45, Medal, Certificate.
·         3rd placing – RM100 cash, Racquet RM150, Bag RM40, Medal, Certificate.

U-15 & U-17
·         Champion – RM700 cash, Racquet RM500, Bag RM90, Medal, Certificate.
·         Finalist – RM350 cash, Racquet RM300, Bag RM45, Medal, Certificate.
·         3rd placing – RM150 cash, Racquet RM150, Bag RM40, Medal, Certificate.

Open & CA90, CA100, CA110
·         Champion – RM1000 cash, Racquet RM500, Bag RM90, Medal, Certificate.
·         Finalist – RM500 cash, Racquet RM300, Bag RM45, Medal, Certificate.
·         3rd placing – RM250 cash, Racquet RM150, Bag RM40, Medal, Certificate.

Players and Coaches Award
·         Most Promising Sportsman Award
·         Most Promising Sportswoman Award
·         Sportsman of the Year
·         Most Promising Coach Award
·         Well-Managed Academy Award
·         Coach of the Year
·         Model of the Year

About Samsung Sport Sponsorship

1.       Please tell us about Samsung’s role in sports.
Samsung embraces five core values – people, excellence, change, integrity and co-prosperity. Above all, we advocate healthier choices, better living, nurturing minds and developing a better tomorrow. Achieving excellence in sports has always been our passion and we strive to instil commitment, determination, drive, passion and competitiveness in the youth of today.

2.       What are some of the other sports sponsorships in Malaysia?
In Malaysia, Samsung was Official Televisions Partner for WTA Malaysian Open 2010, Official Display Sponsor for 2010 Thomas & Uber Cup and Official Electronics Partner for CIMB Asia Pacific Classic Malaysia (PGA Tour 2010).

Samsung has a legacy in sport sponsorship initiatives worldwide. In 1997, Samsung first became a Worldwide Olympic Partner and has extended the partnership to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. In 2005, Samsung became club sponsor for Chelsea Football Club till today.

3.       Why did Samsung select these sporting events/programmes?
We make our sponsorship decisions based on sports and global competitions that align and support our corporate values and philosophy.

4.       How about Samsung's capital expenditure this year and next year? How much does your company allocate for sports sponsorship?
We are not able to share on our local capital expenditure.
However, sports sponsorship has always been an essential component in our CSR initiatives. Samsung will remain committed to our efforts in encouraging youths to develop a healthy lifestyle through sports participation. While investment levels may change from year to year, our commitment will be unwavering.

5.       Since the business environment is getting competitive, what are your initiatives or plans to increase Samsung's performance?

In Malaysia, we focus on 3 key pillars. First, we are committed to mutual benefit in our business partnerships.

Second, we are committed to our customers by providing them the best in service. We set up the Samsung Customer Careline number so we are able to respond quickly to customer needs and take all feedback seriously. We also set up 3D Experience Corners to enrich customers’ experience at our outlets. On top of that, we equip our team to deliver the right information and demonstrate our products to our customers.

Third, our employees are our most important factor for our success. We recognise that only with committed and dedicated employees, can Samsung truly continue to make waves for its cutting-edge technology and stylish design in all our products. Having a strong team of talented researchers and engineers, we are able to focus on research & development, value creation and innovation to maintain a robust product line-up for all our customer’s needs.

Samsung has had a presence in Malaysia for 25 years and as such we are an integral contributor to the global performance of the company.

 Other Samsung Sports Sponsorship
Partnered with IPC and the Paralympics since Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games.
The Asian Games
Started with Local Sponsor of
- 10th Asian Games held in Seoul (1986)
- 14th  Asian Games held in Hiroshima (1994)
-          Became an Official Partner in 1998 Bangkok Asian Games
-          Samsung has also pledged sponsorship support for the upcoming 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games.
Partnered with Chelsea FC
- Official Club Sponsor, since 2005
- Sponsorship Category : Mobile Device
Asian Football Confederation
- Official Sponsor, 2008~2012
- Sponsorship Category : Mobile Device
Africa Cup of Nations
- Official Sponsor, 2008~2012
- Sponsorship Category : ALL
-          In addition, Samsung is a proud sponsor of African Youth Championship. Through Samsung’s sponsorship, African youth can reach their dreams through soccer. Samsung will continue its support of African football until 2012.
Partnered with IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federation)
Approved Athletics Event 
- World Championships
  . 2008 World Championships in Berlin
  . 2010 World Indoor Championships in Doha
  . 2011 World Championships in Daegu (Korea)
- IAAF Continental & National Championships during the three contract years    
-          Samsung is also the appointed IAAF’s official equipment provider in the categories of Mobile Telecommunications Hardware, Audio Visual Equipment, Cameras and Household Appliances.
Partnered with US LPGA
- Official Sponsor, since 1980
- Title Sponsorship of 'Samsung World Championship' since 1994
Partnered with CIMB Asia Pacific Classic
- Official Electronics Partner, 2010
Field Hockey
Partnered with Federation of International Hockey (IHF)
- Global Partner of the IHF
- Started in 2003 and renewed in 2007

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